Wren Anna Lee: 5 Month Update


Wren Anna Lee you’re 5 months old!!!

Wren is still the most joy filled baby I have ever met. We are all obsessed with her! This month she gas chunked up so much, she LOVES her baby cereal, doesn’t like anything sweet, wears some 3 month clothes, but mostly 3-6 month and 6 month. She’s still a tiny little lady but has starting gaining some weight. Her hair is staying dark, which I love! We thought it would lighten up like her sisters’ by now, but it’s still brown with a little bit of red - so beautiful.

This month she met her new little best friend Nora, and looked like a giant sitting next to her. It’s hard to believe that she was just as tiny as Nora just 5 months ago.

She sleeps almost through the night with just one feed and never naps on mama anymore :(

Her favourite thing is when her sisters come say hi to her, and when she gets attention from anyone at all. She’s spent most of this month rolling around like crazy and up in her highchair. She loves being able to sit up and play with toys, but isn’t quite ready to sit unassisted. Any toy you give her will make her so happy, but she really likes any toys that she can easily grab, or zebra toys.

She has 2 bottom teeth and is working on some more, but is still SO happy. I’m not sure how we got so lucky with this babe. She is one word - JOY.

We love you so much Little Bird, you are so special.