My Favourite Yoga Stretches!

I've found a new place in my heart recently that really really loves yoga. What. Yes. I used to hate it soooo much. I used to spend almost 2 hours a day just lifting weights and doing cardio at the gym just to get my physical activity in for the day. Then my friend Sara texted me and said "Hey, go look at this instagram account, you'd love her." And so I meandered over to Yoga Girl's instagram and immediately fell in love with her vibe. I purchased her book on my iPad and away my journey with yoga went. I discovered Yoga With Adriene on YouTube and did her 30 Day Challenge and never looked back. I'm still 100% a beginner and in my mind I always will be. Getting on the mat some days is a struggle, and staying on the mat some days is a struggle. But I have never felt more in tune with my body. I have never felt more awake, in line, and healthy. I haven't set foot in a gym since. The gym isn't a bad place, I think it's an incredible place for so many people. But the gym was never my place. I was never comfortable, but I've always felt the need to exercise daily. I have finally found a type of exercise that feels natural and liberating, and I'm so excited about it!!! Not only that, but I have kept up my muscle that I formed in the gym!

On our picnic the other day, I asked Kyle to take a few pictures of me doing my favourite yoga poses and stretches. These are simply the basics, but they feel damn good!

This pose is actually really hard for me, but it feels soooo good!

The classic: Downward Dog

The glorious 3 legged dog! This pose still needs work, but keeping those hips square is my a struggle.

This. Feels. So. Good.

A variation of Extended Child's Pose. I could stay here all day.


This pose seriously challenged my balance in the beginning, but now I can hold it with my hands at my heart!




This is a balance challenger too!


Take good care lovelies!


Yoga Girl Website:

Yoga With Adriene YouTube:

Yoga pants are from Lululemon:

Shirt & Sports bra are from Old Navy: