Our Honeymoon! Part 1

The 8 days we spent in the sun after our wedding were so necessary and greatly appreciated. We didn't go to a resort or a mountain but we did go to my Grandma's empty condo in Naples, Florida that was minutes away from multiple beaches, with 3 pools in the condo area, complete with a vehicle to get us where we needed to go! It was quiet, hot, relaxing, and blissful. We technically left the day after our wedding around 11:30pm. We had to drive 3 hours to Grand Forks, ND for our flight that took off at 5:00am. After only getting 3 hours of sleep the night of our wedding and having to pull an all nighter to get to the airport, I was feeling pretty cranky. The adrenaline from the wedding slowly started to wear off and I have to admit I was a bit of a trainwreck! However, once we arrived in the sunshine state we took a 30 minute cab ride to our honeymoon suite and I slept for 12 hours straight. It. Was. Amazing.

We had 8 days to do whatever we please which included going on a dolphin excursion (the coolest thing ever is interacting with 100% wild dolphins in their natural habitat), going to the zoo (my thoughts on zoos are kinda complicated but this one happened to only have animals born at their zoo or were wounded or disabled and  unable to live in the wild), and at least 3 hours in the pool every day which we always had completely to our selves! While a part of me wanted to show Kyle every possible piece of the small coastal town that my family vacationed to my whole life, we also really enjoyed spending good chunks of time on the couch snuggling and being lazy.

More stories to come in part 2 of the honeymoon with a ton more pictures!!


We spent at least 3 hours a day in this gorgeous pool (that was always empty , might I add)

DSCN0418 DSCN0419

Our view from our front balcony.

This dress has been my go to lately! It's from Winners, I'll have a link to the site below!

DSCN0430 DSCN0432 DSCN0436

This coverup from Target is ADORABLE, and dries super fast if it gets wet! Link below!

DSCN0440 DSCN0441 DSCN0459 DSCN0466 DSCN0503 DSCN0504 DSCN0508 DSCN0517 DSCN0520 DSCN0523

These ducks got SO close if you had food anywhere near you. I wanted to snuggle this little munchkin so bad!

STORY TIME!  It had been raining all day but we decided to take a trip to Venice beach anyways and spent most of the day on the beach looking for shells. Kyle suddenly stopped and grabbed me and said


DSCN0542 DSCN0546 DSCN0560 DSCN0564 DSCN0565 DSCN0567 DSCN0569 DSCN0570 DSCN0574 DSCN0576 DSCN0582 DSCN0603 DSCN0609

My favourite purchase of the whole entire trip were these inner tubes.


I got this dress a few years ago from Urban Behaviour and it made me feel like a bride during our honeymoon, I absolutely love it!

DSCN0634 DSCN0635

Take good care lovies!