Our Wedding Day... A Run Down

Our wedding day was blissful, hectic, tearful, and a hell of a good time. It was slightly stressful until the ceremony actually began, because the whole week before we spent creating our venue. We had our whole wedding, ceremony and reception, at Kyle's childhood home where is parents still live. It was so so special, but it was a ton of work. His parents spend months working on their gardens, their lawn, building the altar, fixing up their house... the list goes on. I spent months gathering décor pieces, renting equipment, insuring that our vendors were able to do an outdoor wedding out of town in a tent.... again, the list goes on.

That being said, our reception tent wouldn't be delivered until the day before, which meant that we couldn't start decorating until the day before. Once the tent, chairs, tables, dance floor, and linens came in we really got to work. We set all that stuff up in the tent the day before (also the day of the rehearsal dinner), however a lot of the décor couldn't be set up until the day of (flowers, pictures, etc. in case of heat/humidity/rain/etc.) which meant that the morning of my wedding day was spent creating our perfect wedding venue.

So, on the day of (which was 34 degrees Celsius - 93f -, might I add...), we put out potted flowers along the aisle for the ceremony, created our own centerpieces using mason jars and flowers from Costco, hung pictures from twine with clothes pins along the inside wall of the tent, set up the sound system (we didn't have a DJ, we just used an iPod and thus needed to rent a sound system), put out all of our picture frames, guest book, and any other odds and ends that needed to go out. This was really really fun for me, but it was kind of unfortunate that it all had to be done on the day of.

After the set up, I was feeling a bit stretched for time. I had to shower, do my own hair and makeup, and get my large and in charge dress on. We ended up going for pictures before the ceremony because we didn't want to have a long gap between the ceremony and reception. We ended up being 35 minutes late for pictures, but it actually worked out really well. While we were late, the guys got to do their groomsmen pictures, and we didn't have to wait around for them and vice versa. We then did family pictures, wedding party pictures, and then bridesmaid pictures.

After that, we booked it to the ceremony, and hid in the house until we were ready to begin. Unfortunately, right around go-time, a storm started rolling in. I started to freak out and just wanted to get the ceremony done before the rain started! Thankfully, it held off until after the ceremony and after Kyle and I took pictures of just us! It started raining just as we sat down for dinner and stopped shortly after! The ceremony was about 20 minutes long, including the walk down the isle, a bible reading by Kyle's mom, a poem read by my dad, our vows, and signing our marriage licence! It was the perfect length, and my heart was so full the entire time. It was magical.

We had the most incredible dinner ever, we had a home made desert bar, we cut our wedding cake, the speeches began, and then... the dancing.

I can honestly say it was the best night of my life. Kyle and I had the time of our lives dancing with our friends. We felt so special, loved, and supported and that's exactly the way I wanted to feel on my wedding day. Here is the first official/professional picture of our wedding! The rest shouldn't take too much longer, and that my friends will be a long. ass. post. I'm so excited!

thank you

Take good care!