DIY Terrarium: a memorial for Grandma.

On Sundays, Kyle and I like to spend some time outside, take a break from the daily grind, and let the doggies frolic. We made a trip to Kyle's Grandmother's old home in the country on this particular Sunday. Grandma passed away in January of this year fairly suddenly, and we have been mourning the loss of her, especially as the wedding draws near.  Thankfully, we still have her property available to us, and we can go there and reminisce about when she was still on Earth with us. As a memorial to have at the family table at our wedding, we wanted to transplant some succulents from her garden (she was always telling me to take buckets and buckets of them, since they always took over her garden). I got a terrarium from one of my bridal showers, and so we picked a bundle of succulents, and a special rock that Kyle found for her, and planted them in the terrarium! So here is how I made this DIY terrarium memorial for Grandma.

This is what I used to plant my succulent, but you could use whatever container or pot that you have. I have planted many in dollar store pots, they actually have really cute ones there!

Behind the scenes of my wood back drop ;)

This potting soil is from dollarama for just a few dollars! I didn't end up needing much, the soil from the plastic pot almost filled the whole terrarium.

You can find succulents almost anywhere now a days, we got ours from Grandma's garden but Ikea, Home Depot, Walmart, any garden center will have an assortment of different succulents!

Squeeze the sides of the plastic container to loosen the plant, then pull from the top gently on a slant to pull the plant out of the container.


Empty the soil from the container and pat it into the terrarium/pot.

Add a little bit of soil if needed.

Keep a guard cat on hand just in case.


We added just one sentimental rock, but feel free to add a few, but make sure leave room for the succulent to spread! As you can see, ours has a few babies sprouting already!

Station your new plant where the cat can guard it best.


Take good care, friends!