Annie & Sybelle: 4 Months!

I feel like I just wrote their 3 month update yesterday! 

At 4 months they're more fun than ever, and more attached to mama than ever. They coo like crazy, especially Annie. Sybelle talks when she has to say and Annie babbles all the live long day. 

I finally put away their 0-3 month clothing, they still fit 3 month sleepers and diaper shirts, but are mostly wearing 3-6 month pants, some 3 month pants still fit, but not for much longer! I just started putting them in 3-6 month shirts but they're swimming in them! Still in size 1 diapers but I think they'll be growing out of those within the next week or two. They are both getting pretty chunky, we will find out their weight this week at their doctor appointment! Annie has so many wonderful rolls it is the best thing ever, and Sybelle is slowly starting to gain some weight in those sweet cheeks of hers. I'm finding as Sybelle chunks up a little, she's starting to look more and more like Annie. I love that they're starting to look more like twins! 

Sybelle has her hands in her mouth all of the time, Annie likes her hands but not nearly as much as Sybelle does. They love laying on their play mat and grabbing their toys, or each other's faces and hands. They're starting to get bored a little bit quicker than they have been, so we're going to need to find more play stations to rotate through soon. 

We have our routine down pat, but I think they're starting to grow out of their frequent naps. Morning time is their favourite. I'm woken up every morning to chatting from the nursery. I'll go in and turn on the lights and then let them chat and play with each other while I let the dogs out and get breakfast started. It's one of my favourite moments of the day, just letting them enjoy each other's company.  The past three nights they only woke up to eat once!!!! Fingers crossed it continues this way!!! 

If you follow me on Snapchat (@sarahemahon) you will have seen Annie rolled from her tummy to her back a few weeks ago! It was so exciting we couldn't believe it. Sybelle is so close to rolling from her back to her tummy, so I figured I'd put them both on their tummies to see if that was easier, expecting Sybelle to roll and Annie to just hang out. But it was the opposite! They're so fun in how they surprise us every day with their little personalities. Sybelle is definitely more of a thinker, Annie is more of a doer. 

Sybelle's core strength is incredible! She'll be sitting up by herself any day now. She even tries to lift herself up if you're holding her so she can be in the sitting position. Annie is getting there too, they both get so excited when they're sitting upright with a little help. It's going to be so fun when they can sit and chat with each other, or sit in the tub to play. I just can't wait!

We've had a few giggles lately, but nothing super consistent. Kyle has taken it up as his personal responsibility to make them laugh as much as possible, which is just the sweetest thing. We can't wait until giggling fills this house. 

That's all for now, I hope you're all well! Take good care, lovelies!

5 Tips for Motherhood with Newborn Twins

When I first found out I was expecting twins I could not stay off the internet. My search history consisted only of how to "survive" having newborn twins. But I really didn't want to survive the first few months of motherhood with twins, I wanted to really enjoy my time with them. I didn't want my newborn time to be a complete blur just because there was two of them. It seemed, though, that I could only find advice for survival. 

Well, I'm almost 4 months into this motherhood thing, and 4 months into this twin motherhood thing, and I really feel like these 5 tips have helped me truly embrace and enjoy my time with my sweet babies. I hope you find hope and encouragement if you are knee deep in doubt of your ability to parent two newborns. You CAN do this, you are superwoman. Or superman. Seriously. 

  1. Do what makes you feel good while your babies sleep. For me, this is a 4 minute makeup routine - seriously, I have it down to a science. Slowly, as our routine fell into place, it became yoga, then makeup. For you, this might be a 10 minute power clean of your living space, reading the newspaper or one page of a novel, have a cat nap... whatever makes you feel more like yourself, because friends, that is seriously the key to enjoying this time with your babes. You have to feel like you first. 
  2. Get dressed every morning. This might not mean putting jeans on, cause Lord knows I rarely find myself squeezing myself into a pair of those (do I even own a pair that fits?). Leggings and a t-shirt, that's all it takes! This will help you feel like you've started your day, no matter how tired you are, you'll feel a little bit more put together than if you spend all day, every day in your pjs (I just realized my shirt is on inside out, but hey, I tried and that feels pretty good). 
  3. Schedule. Okay, I know you've read this one everywhere. But seriously, try your best to make this work. I will be posting our schedule soon, it is probably the number one thing that helps keep the babies happy, which keeps mama happy. 
  4. Order your groceries. Click and Collect and Superstore has literally changed my life. This way, I order the food and Kyle swings by the store on his way home from work to pick it up. If this didn't come into my life, I would be eating delivery for every single meal, which sounds good at first but not after the first few weeks. Just trust me on this. 
  5. Be confident. Do things on your own, even when you have the help. This way, when you really are on your own, you know you can handle it - because trust me, you can. 

Alright mamas. I am rooting for you, you are strong, and you can do this. Most importantly, these babies will bring you so much joy, so much wonder, and so much love. If you're expecting twins and you're doubting any of these things, please scroll through my posts about our life with our twin girls. I hope they bring you hope and excitement, this will be your most amazing adventure yet.

Take good care, lovelies.