Raising Kind Babies


In a world that is struck with pain and suffering every single day, near or far, we must do what we can to bring light so bright it shuts out the dark. Whatever that means for you, do it.

For me it means raising kind, thoughtful, open, empathetic, thoughtful babies. It means teaching my kids not to fear different, but to embrace that different is what makes this world so incredibly beautiful. It means teaching them that violence and suffering for personal gain is never ever the answer, and only breeds more suffering. It means teaching them to be aware of their own mental wellbeing and that of others, so that we can be available to offer help and support whenever and wherever we can, before it's too late. 

My heart is so heavy today with what has happened in Las Vegas, it only reminds me that there is terror in so many other places every single day too. I feel so incredibly grateful to live where I do, but it scares me that terrible things happen everywhere. My only hope in writing this is to encourage others to do their part. You are not too small to make a difference. You make a difference just by being you. 

Sending love and peace to the world.


Annie & Sybelle: 10 Months!

Rompers: Wildforest Handmade // Bows: Little Luba

Baby Bear Shirt: The InkPAD // Blanket: Growing A Little Love

These girls are 2 months away from their first birthday! This last month has been a big one, and we've been very busy in this house - hence the update being 2 weeks late... better late than never I suppose! They are busy little bees, and the only way I was getting pictures this month was to hand them a handful of veggie straws... Ah life with twins.

These sweet girlies are 100% on the move, and speedy, too. They crawl everywhere they want to go, and are pulling themselves up onto about everything they can get their little hands on. Baby proofing the house started this month, and now I have to find new homes for all of my plants, since we've already had a few dirty incidents and plant murders, RIP little aloe vera. 

The girls are starting to really interact with each other, and it is my most favourite thing of motherhood yet. They crawl towards each other and laugh as they get closer and closer to each other, they share food, they giggle with each other, it's just the sweetest little relationship I've ever seen. They absolutely love to "dance" (wiggle their middle) to pop songs such as Despacito. I miss country music, but the girls just want to groove, so pop music it is!

Annie has 6 teeth now, and Belle has 5. They are still teeny tiny, and have really slimmed out and lost some of their baby chub now that they're on the move, so a lot of their smaller clothes still fit really well. They can still fit 6 month sleepers, and anything from 3-6 month up, which is awesome to get so much use out of our really cute items. 

These little babes have had a lot of fun firsts this month, and are having such a blast. It's getting easier and easier to get out and about with them, and they're having more fun than ever. This month has been an absolute blast! This is a pretty short update, but we've just been really enjoying life together and spending as much time outside and unplugged as we can. It's also been crazy busy over at the shop, so life has been very full! 

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you're having a beautiful day!