Morning Routine!

     This is how my mornings start. Always. At 6:00am with an absent fiancé who has left already for work, and I am left alone with our flock of rambunctious pets. Enzo usually sleeps right on top of me or likes to be spooned in the wee hours of the morning until it is time for his decadent wet food breakfast. Then, I proceed to release the hounds. They sleep in their kennels and love it. The second you say the word "bedtime" at night, they race each other downstairs to bed and settle right in. It's so adorable.
     However, the second they hear my tip toe to feed little Enzo boy, they start crying to be let out and start their beautiful day (every day is the best day ever for them, it's definitely inspiring/exhausting). I let them out, and the chaos begins. They race up the stairs and head right for the front door. They'll stay outside for maybe a good 30 seconds and then it's walk time, and they certainly know it.
     I put them on their leashes and walk them across the street to a nature walk park that's basically just a large circle trail around a beautiful/muddy pond. Once we have arrived I let them run free, off leash, and they have a hay day. This is the only kind of walk that will actually tire them out and make them calm for the rest of the day. Leashed walks do nothing for these little chickens, not even if I'm jogging. They definitely need to run and stop and sniff and run and play fight and run and swim and gosh.
     Anyways, I take them for at least 40 minutes around and around the park, and then they get put back on their leashes (thanks to delicious treats that they cannot refuse) and we return home for breakfast.
After their walks, I usually have some silent me time to do at least 30 minutes of yoga. Tali has pretty severe separation anxiety from me, so getting her tired out is a great way for me to have some quiet just for myself.
     That's basically how our mornings go unless I'm able to bring the pups out to my dad's house in the country! In that case, they get 2 extra dogs to play with and a dozen or so acres to explore. Weekends tend to differ a tiny bit, but because I work Saturdays this morning routine is pretty steady at least 6 days a week. Here are some pictures of the park and my cute blurry dogs ripping around being dogs & my papas doggies too!











Even though I hate getting out of bed in the morning, and I would do anything in that moment for another 4 hours of sleep, I absolutely love the peace the morning nature brings. If you happen to have a slice of nature near your house, embrace it as much as you can. It will bring you peace and love and tolerance for the rest of your stressful day.
Take good care my friends!