Mama's first night out!

Well, we did it! I was super anxious leading up to this day, but it ended up being such a fun night and I'm so so happy I got to have a little me time! It was my first night leaving the twinnies for a few hours to go do something fun since they were born. I went to go see my beautiful friend Heather in her wedding dress and then we all went bridesmaids dress shopping! It was so incredibly special to see her in her dress. She looked absolutely stunning and I just cannot wait for her big day. The dress is perfect and she will be the most gorgeous bride. We also found the bridesmaids dresses super easily, and it looks incredible on everyone! We purchased them right then and there. 

The twins were left with my wonderful mom and sister, so Kyle got the night off too. I kept texting him to see how much fun he was having with the house to himself and his response was, "I'm sad. I miss you girls." My heart. 

Coming home to the twins was so so special. Annie was in a complete deep sleep in my sisters arms, but as soon as she heard my voice her eyes were wide open. They are just so stinkin sweet and though they were super fussy for their babysitters, I know my mom and sister loved having them all to themselves for a few hours. 

On to the outfit - I felt like such a cool mom in this outfit, I'm not gonna lie! These shoes are to die for, and they're actually incredibly comfortable! And that's coming from a girl who lives in Birkenstocks, so you know how much I value comfort ;) The shoes totally made the outfit look more fancy than it felt! The leggings are from Victoria's Secret (and yes I know, "leggings aren't pants" but I just honestly have to disagree. I live in these things.) This shirt is perfect for my post partum body. I'm back at my pre-baby weight but have a light case of diastasis recti so my belly can tend to look a wee bit preggo still, so this cut is perfect for me for right now! And gosh I have no idea where or when I got this cardigan but it's always been a staple in my wardrobe and it's the perfect length to pair with pretty much everything! 

And this hair. This is my new go to mom hair. Because it looks like I styled it, right!? I braided my hair the night before in one big braid (to keep it out of my babies' grabby little hands) and then the next day just threw the top half of my hair into a tiny little mom bun and voila! Oh and dry shampoo. Lots of it. 

I had such a fun night and it just really reminded me how much I love getting ready and putting together outfits. I'm hoping to keep up doing little posts like these, so keep your eyes peeled!

Take good care, lovelies! 

Sunday Night Thoughts

It's Sunday night and I'm lying in bed, nursing one baby, and rocking the other. My husband is readying himself for another week of work, and Sunday night football is rumbling in the background.

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday night and spent Sunday morning in bed snuggling two sweet newborns. A dream weekend, if you ask me. So I find myself thinking, "I don't want this weekend to end." But such is life, isn't it? Wishing the wonderful weekends could last forever and waiting impatiently for the hard days to end. 

I gaze at my sweet 5 week old twins and can hardly remember what it was like without them here. That thought reminds me - I don't want these moments to end. Their littleness. Their neediness. Their innocence. I want it forever, yet some nights, when it's just me to take care of two little babies' sadness on an empty tank of sleep, I wish for them to be older. For it to get easier. 

I am in the trenches of life. Just as I can not make this weekend last forever, I can not make hard times move any faster - nor should I. The blissful and the ugly are equal in this life. Both so important in making this experience so damn beautiful. 

I have to remember that life is now. It will get better and it will get worse, but I cannot focus on that. I have to focus on whatever is happening right now. These babies of mine are changing and growing every single day and I know these sweet newborn fases will only last so long. 

So, my mantra every single day is, "All I have to do today is be my babies' mom," and my anxieties wash away. This is the life I've always dreamed of, I must remember that. 

Take good care, lovelies. 

Life lately 21.8.15


Well, life lately is busy as per usual! This week has been a lot of fun, but we've also had a lot going on! We met with our real estate agent on Thursday, so for the few days before that I was gutting my house and cleaning every nook and crevice. Not to toot my own horn, but I was very pleased with how our home looked for our presentation, and the moving ball is finally rolling! I currently work at a self storage facility so we're getting free storage so that process will be starting soon... and then we just have to keep looking for our dream home! Last week I took a mini vacation with my mom down to Kenora, Ontario to visit my grandma for a few days and left Kyle and the doggies behind. My mom grew up in Kenora and so we spent most of our summers there at the house she grew up in right on Lake of the Woods. The place honestly hasn't changed one little bit! We walked down to the train museum and Dairy Queen that's been there since my mom was little and I loved it. It was so nice to spend some time reminiscing and hanging out one on one with my momma and grandma. They're definitely the two most important influences in my life and I'm so thankful I took the time to visit.

DSCN0767 DSCN0771 DSCN0772 DSCN0773 DSCN0774 DSCN0775 DSCN0776

Isn't this the sweetest metaphor! A lonely little flower growing straight out of a crack in the concrete.

DSCN0785 DSCN0787

I then came home to the snuggliest reunion ever.

IMG_2206 IMG_2155 IMG_2094 IMG_2016 IMG_2015 IMG_1955

And of course we had to make a trip to Grandpa Ken's (that's what the doggies call my dad) to have a run and Jack decided to hop in the horse trauf to cool down.

IMG_1875 IMG_1940 IMG_1943 IMG_1970 IMG_1969

And the last thing I discovered when I arrived home was a handful of perfectly ripe cherry tomatos from my garden box!! You can bet I was the happiest little gardener ever.

DSCN0811 DSCN0810

I hope you take the time to snuggle with your loves, spend time with your loved ones, and play in the sun.

Take good care, loves!