Life lately 19.12.15

Well... It's been a while. Two months ago life got really crazy, and it sucked. But... on December 15th I wrote my final exam for this semester and I cannot explain how much relief I feel. I made the decision that I will not be going back to university full time... probably ever. Full time university can be such a wonderful experience, but only if your heart is in it. My heart was aching to be elsewhere the whole entire semester, and I felt like I was missing so much of my life. I couldn't find time to write, to take pictures... I didn't do yoga for almost two months straight. So that kinda tells you how crazy my mind was feeling.

It was really hard to make the decision to stop going to school full time and just fly by the seat of my pants... it just feels like there is such a negative view on taking time off school to pursue more "unreliable" things like perhaps yoga and writing. But I know for a fact those things make my heart the happiest and so, a happy heart I shall have.

Anyways, now I have been socializing up the wazoo because I haven't had human interaction in three months and omg what I have a husband?! SNUGGLE ME HUSBAND!! I missed him. I missed being whole and present and happy and (almost) stress freeeee!

So now I have to figure out what I'm doing with my life. But all in good time, I say. For now, I will be working my measly hours at both part time jobs, doing 2 hours of yoga per day, and spending the rest of my time being a good doggy momma and housewife because I missed it so much. I CAN CLEAN MY HOUSE NOW!! WHAT IS A HOME COOKED MEAL?! gosh.

Well anywho, I hope you all have been having the loveliest of holiday seasons, here are some of the very few pictures of life lately that I have been able to snap!


Most of those are of my fur babies... but heyyyyy my face made it into a few!  Follow my on Instagram to see my daily shinanigans! Also, I kinda like snapchat a bit: sarahemahon!

Anyways, take the plunge and do something that makes your heart happy today, and take very good care, lovelies!