A Day in Our Life - VLOG

Guys, I'm absolutely terrified to share this. It feels so vulnerable to share on video, even though I've been sharing here on the blog for years through photos and random ramblings of my thoughts. 

I've loved watching vlogs of other families for years and years. I'd always kind of wanted to record the memories of our life too but it never really felt right. One day Kyle came home and told me that we should be sharing the sweetness of our little girls because their sisterhood is sure to make people smile. I basically took his sudden desire to share our life as well as a sign that we need to be filming our life together for us to have as memories, but also to maybe bring sunshine to someone else's day. 

So here it is, our very first family vlog - full of editing mistakes and awkward me, but hopefully you enjoy, and if nothing else, we will have these sweet moments captured forever :) 

17 Week Pregnancy Update: Baby #3!


Photography: Meagan Gerylo Photography // Blanket: Little Love Home // Romper: The Tin Robin

17 weeks pregnant with baby 3 feels so unreal. This time with the girls we were finding out that there were two sweet little girls growing inside me! We know for sure that this baby is just ONE, but we won't find out the gender until the end of August and I'm seriously itching to find out! 

I've started to feel more like myself again lately, thank God. I've struggled so much trying to manage my crazy pregnancy hormones and nasty sickness while working, owning a shop, and most importantly, mothering two wild almost two year olds. It has been the challenge of my life and I'm so grateful that Kyle has not only taken on more responsibilities but supported me and my crazy emotions. This pregnancy has been fogged with the pregnancy blues, but I'm grateful to say that I can feel it start to lift. I have more energy lately, I'm not throwing up nearly as much, and I'm starting to feel little babe wiggle and play in my tummy which is always the best of the best feeling ever! 

This time I feel like my belly is super low! I don't remember having such a hard time finding clothes to wear with the twins, even at the end when I was MASSIVE. As soon as I hit 10 weeks with this baby I've felt uncomfortable in basically all of my pants, including all my yoga pants (which I wore last time all the way through!). It's so crazy how each pregnancy is so different, this one has been night and day from the last, which makes me really think it's a boy! 

We haven't really done much to prepare for this baby yet. I think at 17 weeks last go around I was already packing my hospital bag hehe. This time I feel really confident in my roll as a mother and in my ability to bring this baby into the world. We plan on doing things differently with this baby, I'm hoping to keep them in our room in the bassinette for quite a while. I'm dreaming of waking up for night time feeds and just nursing in bed, and tucking them back into the bassinette when they're done. It was so much more complicated with the twins, so I'm really hoping to just go with the flow with this baby and enjoy the ride.

That's all I can think of for now, I'm so grateful to have these photos by my sister in law to remember this crazy journey! I'm hoping to keep posting more updates, but the next one might not be until the gender reveal!!! Can't wait! 

I love this chaos.


Our life is chaos. Seriously, it is. And I love it. Our pictures are blurry, our house is messy, my kids are usually sticky. 

Lately I've been learning to accept what works for us and to not feel ashamed of the things that help get us through hard days. I've been dealing with such mom guilt and anxiety ever since the girls were born, and I think that's something that almost every mom can relate to, especially in the age of Instagram. For example, I've always been embarrassed to post too much of the girls watching tv, or what food they're eating if it's not super healthy, or if they're sticky from head to toe. I guess I was afraid of judgement, to not have a perfect Instagram feed or make perfect decisions all the time, I don't even know. It sounds so silly but for so many of us, this guilt and pressure is REAL. 

It occurred to me kind of out of nowhere over the last few weeks (probably because I've been watching too much This Is Us, let's be real), that life is short and I really should not spend a single second fretting about what other's might think or say about my journey. My family and I are living a kind life, we are caring to those who are around us, and we share authenticity and genuine moments. That is what humanhood is about to me. Loving and being loved. 

I can't wait to watch these kiddos grow up and see who they are going to be, what they are going to love, the impact they're going to make. Being a mother is so dang fulfilling, even when it means racing through the grocery store with a full cart to check out before you have not 1 but 2 full blown meltdowns. Even when you watch Moana all the way through so that you can cook meals and tidy up uninterrupted. Even when you cook food for your kids all day and realize come 5pm you haven't had so much as a cracker all day long. 

Motherhood is pure fulfilment for me, and I feel so lucky. 

Sorry for the emotional posts these days, This Is Us is actually killing me!!!!!! I love it. It's given me so many realizations and given me a new appreciation for my family and my incredible husband. If you haven't watched it you simply have to!!!!!!! Beware, it will crack open your insides and let all of your emotions poor out every. single. time. 

I hope life is good for you, whoever you are! I hope you are proud of yourself and find fulfilment in the mundane, it truly is a game changer.