Loving The Little Things


Photography: Meagan Gerylo Photography // Home Decor: Little Love Home

There. I said it. They're toddlers. Insert ugly crying here. 

I can hardly believe that they aren't babies anymore. My mind is blown. They have attitudes. They understand and ask questions in their own little way. They're curious about everything. They want to walk on their own in stores, and to the convenience store down the street, and share so well with each other. Today Sybelle was crying because she wanted to play with the empty Starbucks cup that Annie was playing with. As Sybelle got more and more upset, Annie came over and gave her the cup and it was just the sweetest little gesture. 

I'm writing to remember. And because there is nothing sweeter than hearing about the innocent, pure things that little ones do for each other. Every day I am reminded that these little humans hold more grace and courage and purity than I could have ever imagined before I had my own tiny humans. It is something that I appreciate so much in the daily chaos of motherhood. 

They remind me that life is so exciting. Yesterday on our walk we saw a tractor. The tractor driver honked his horn and waved at us and it was so exciting! Then we saw a little puppy named Yoshi and that was so exciting! If I had been walking alone, I never would have payed a second thought to those things, but with them, it was pure bliss. Which reminds me why I called this blog "Growing A Little Love" in the first place. To remember that these little moments are where love lies. 

I want to remember these things forever. 

Life Lately 10.08.16

Goodness me, third trimester with twins is no joke! As per the last photo, you can find me in bed for the remainder of this pregnancy... Thank goodness we got away last weekend for probably the last time! We went to our really good friends' cabin for the weekend and it was sooo nice to spend the day at the beach and just spend time with really good people. 

Of course, however, I came home and got hit with a nice little flu bug. Some kind of head cold + regular pregnancy discomfort = a really really miserable me this week. We have our 32 week ultrasound tomorrow and my doctor will tell me what that means for work - I'm going to be done working by the end of August for sure, but she was concerned at our last appointment it might be a little bit earlier. I'm starting to think that she's right... The discomfort is so real. The only thing that I find really gives me relief is a trip to the chiropractor, but unfortunately, the discomfort comes back within a day of my adjustment. My trips to the chiro will be becoming much more frequent until these babies arrive, I'm thinking. Sleep at night isn't really a thing anymore, so napping during the day is the only way this girl is getting any sleep. The most comfy place to nap so far is the glider we have in the nursery! It makes me so happy to snooze in the girls' room. I just sit and dream about all of the moments we'll be sharing with our twins so soon. 

This is just a silly rambly post, but I just want to remember all of the moments that are making up this beautiful life of mine. This blog of mine hasn't been too interesting lately, I know. But It's a documentation of these sweet moments. It's all I've ever wanted it to be. 

I hope you are doing well, lovelies. Take good care!