Introducing Maisy!

Well, Kyle and I have been lusting after a new kitten for about 6 months now. We've been talking about it for so long but since we were planning a wedding and going on a honeymoon we didn't think it would be fair to bring a new kitten into a home with 2 new humans, 1 cat, and 2 crazy dogs during a time of chaos. So, hard as it was for me, we waited and I'm so glad that we did. Yesterday we were scrolling Kijiji looking at homes for sale and may have stumbled into the "pet" section, and the first post was the most beautiful pretty kitten face I have ever seen. Her eyes literally sparkled. She was free to a good home, because she was the last of the litter and they were going to send her to the shelter if she didn't get adopted that very day. Well, Kyle and I simply can't say no to a little baby in need (this will shoot us in the foot in the future I just know it - I might end up with a hobby farm full of rescue pets). So we drove a half hour to the other end of town to go visit the snuggly bear and she filled my heart immediately. She's probably only about 7 weeks old, and she's going in for shots and a check up tomorrow with our vet, since we don't know much else about her.

Our family is finally evened out, 3 girls and 3 boys! The transition is going quite well, considering our dogs have a lot of energy (which can be super overwhelming for such a tiny thing). She is soooo brave! She was a little nervous but puffed herself up and walked right up to sniff Tali's nose. Jack was super shaky and excited so that was a little bit overwhelming but he's a lot smaller than Tali, so she wasn't scared of him either! It was so encouraging to see her be so brave. Enzo, our cat, is having a bit of a tough time accepting his new little sister. He is super curious, but really isn't sure what his place is anymore. We're trying to give him all the love in the world to make sure he knows he's still our little lover boy, but he didn't sleep with us last night, and he was pretty cranky with Tali this morning. So that will be a work in progress, but I think this little girl will be the perfect addition to our family. Enzo gets really lonely when the dogs are out with me for runs and stuff, so I think he'll warm up to Maisy pretty quick. I do feel guilty and sad for him, and I really hope he starts snuggling with us again at night because it's my very favourite thing. I suppose time will tell!

Anyways, here are some pictures of our new baby child! We love you Maisy girl, welcome to our snuggly family!

IMG_2225 IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2243 IMG_2248 IMG_2249DSCN0861 DSCN0863 DSCN0865 DSCN0866 DSCN0869

I hope you find room in your heart to adopt a snuggly friend in need! There is no need to shop for a furry friend anymore, there are too many that need rescuing. If you have the means, adopt a little one and change their world!

Take good care, lovelies!