DIY Potted Plant

I saw a pot painted like this while perusing Pinterest one day, and I absolutely loved the idea of painting plain clay pots white! I think painting a few with a couple different designs would make such an adorable touch to any room. I love that you can also make it as messy or as neat as you would like, and it just spices up the plainness of the clay!

This particular one that I decided to make was a gift for the twin's Godmother, our friend Heather. I knew I wanted to give her a gift that would represent the twins, something handmade that she could have and enjoy for a long time. This seemed like the perfect idea to me! I chose two funky cacti to represent the twins, and then the fluffy succulent behind them to represent Heather looking over them. You can use any plants that make you smile! And can I just say how much I love giving homemade gifts?! And really, who doesn't love a good succulent?! Giving a gift like this just never gets old to me. 

Here is what you'll need! 

To begin, choose what colour/design you'd like to paint. I just decided to paint the bottom half of the pot white, and have it look a little bit messy and rustic. 

After letting the paint dry for about an hour, I decided to write a little quote on the front of the pot using a fine tip Sharpie. I did write their names underneath the "Love" but those will be shared when the girls are born! 

Fill your pot about halfway with potting mix of your choice, and then set your chosen plants on top! Once you have the placement of your plants where you'd like, fill in the rest of the pot and pack it tight with soil. 

And there you have an adorable little personalized gift, or just a perfect pot for any corner of your home! 

This was the first DIY that I've had the energy to do pretty much since I got pregnant, and it was so nice to just sit and create something. I absolutely love doing little projects like these, I'd love to know if you give it a try! 

Take good care, lovelies!

Bridesmaids Gifts!

Ah the bridesmaids gifts!! This was such a fun little project for me, but at the same time it was slightly stressful because we were on such a tight budget. I scrolled Pinterest more times than you could possibly imagine and found the sweetest gifts, but they were all so expensive (the personalized robes are so cute but super pricey)! I did get ideas from Pinterest, but I really had to stop stressing to get something picture perfect from there because money was just tight, and I have a rather large wedding party. I slowly started accumulating little pieces here and there and came up with this really cute gift that's practical as well as sentimental. I chose a nail polish colour for each individual girl that I thought suited their personality, got everybody a silly pink straw cup to drink mimosas out of on the day of, and this gorgeous, simplistic necklace from BaubleBar. These gifts will never amount to show how thankful I am for the girls that are going to stand up next to me on my big day, but I think they turned out pretty cute ;)

Necklaces were on sale for about $30.00 each, nail polishes varied from $4.00-$8.00 each, and the cups were $4.00 each. A total of about $40.00 per gift bag, and $280.00 for all 7 bridesmaids.




I hope this helps any budget friendly brides out there!

Take good care lovies!