Life Lately 23.01.16

Well, these posts usually start with "life kinda got crazy..." and it did. Again. And my feelings are starting to run wild. I'm inspired, overwhelmed, excited, and even more overwhelmed. Last weekend was my birthday, and I had a little gathering and it was so wonderful. I invited some friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and some friends that have recently been my rocks. A few unfortunate things happened, but over all, I ended the night so grateful to have the people I have in my life. I think my feelings that trickled into this week started there.

The Monday after my birthday party I started a new job, which is always so terrifying to me. I haven't had a new job in over 4 years, because I've been working at the same two places part time while I've been attending University. Now that I've scaled back on my course load at school, I wanted to get another job to fill up some of my hours, and so we can save up more money to build our new house in the country somewhere.

Also, we had our little baby cat, Maisy, fixed this past week, and her incision got infected, so we had to take her back in for antibiotics, and she has been a little conehead for the past week and a half, it is so so sad. She'll have to have the cone on for a while longer, because she can't stop licking at her incision. I just felt so so bad for her, but she is doing just fine!

Basically, I was a ball of stress. We're talking a huge, compulsive anxious mess. It was really hard, and I think most of it was just the uncertainty of my life. I hate not knowing. Not knowing if I'll like the job, if I'll get in trouble, what to wear, how to act, what's allowed, what my hours will be, if I'll be able to handle it... Looking back, it seems so silly, but tell me that in the heat of the moment and I'll crumple into a mess of tears on the floor.

All in all, the week at my new job was great. The people are so wonderful, and I love the passion of the office. However, I ended up working 50 hours that week between all three jobs. It was hard to get outside with the doggies (who definitely felt the lack of exercise...), to keep my home the way I like it, to write my little heart out, and to cook for my husband (and to hang out with him, of course). It was hard, but today... Today I feel incredible.

This management of my time has left me feeling some kind of invincible. I've made new decisions for my life, and I'm left feeling empowered. I'm about to draft up some new blog posts because I'm just so excited!!

Enough of my blabbering, here are a few pictures from this week! Make sure you check out my Instagram to see more of the daily stuff that doesn't make it on here!

















The last picture of my fruit haul will make so much sense in my next post, so stay tuned for a little bit more about my diet!

I hope you're taking good care of yourself, dearest friends! Just know that it does get better. You'll see the sun soon.


Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

On Friday I went to a Winnipeg Blue Bomber game, and for those who are not from the Canada, it's kind of the Canadian version of the NFL. Me and my sister got invited to go with our best friend Bre and her boyfriend Mike. It was sooo much fun and the evening was so wonderful!

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A Baby Maisy Update

Well the little peanut is doing a-maisy-ing (stop it Sarah). Our love for her just keeps growing and growing and the integration process with our other pets is going so well it makes my heart so happy! Doggie progress:

Maisy girl is sooo brave with the dogs! They can be a bit overwhelming because Tali is so big, and Jack just wants to play soooo badly. The dogs learned yesterday to be super gentle, and now she loves to hang out with them! Tali starts to get too excited and rough when Maisy starts to play with her so we still have to keep quite a keen eye on them, but it's so nice to be able to let Maisy out of her designated area to play with her siblings.

Enzo progress:

Enzo boy is still pretty upset, but he is making improvements every single day! The day after we brought Maisy home, Enzo wouldn't even let me touch him he was so upset. Last night he came downstairs and snuggled me on the couch while we watched a movie! It almost made me cry. I was so worried that Enzo would never adjust and then we would have to make some pretty upsetting changes... My heart hurt a lot that we upset our little boy that much. But like I said, he is doing a lot better and is getting a lot of treats. A lot.

Her growing personality:

She is feisty and sweet all wrapped into a tiny little fur ball. She will crawl right up your leg to your shoulder and ontop of your head. What? Yes. When she's hyper she is ripping it around playing chase with the dogs, or climbing on my head. When she starts to feel sleepy she'll walk right up to you and rub her face on yours. She cannot help herself when it comes to licking my nose! I have never seen any cat do this ever, but she can't stop licking your face! It's mildly painful but so precious. If you start kissing her little nose she falls right to sleep. It's absolutely hilarious. And she's a hungry lady, that's for sure. I feel like every time I check on her I'm reloading her bowl with food and water. Grow little love, grow!

Here are some crappy quality snaps from over the past few days! (don't mind my face)




IMG_2322 IMG_2304 IMG_2302 IMG_2290 IMG_2285 IMG_2320 IMG_2263 IMG_2266 IMG_2275 IMG_2277 IMG_2280

I hope you're having a lovely day full of snuggles and unconditional love!

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Take good care lovelies,