Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday!

We spent last Sunday out in the boonies with our family enjoying the great outdoors! I've been looking forward to bringing our babies to one of my favourite places on Earth, and now, with winter behind us, the time has finally come.

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Christmas Time

Well, Christmas has come and gone and as per usual, I am so sad that it is over!!! But this year was Kyle and my first Christmas together as husband and wife and it was just so sweet. We were completely surrounded by so many loved ones and we cannot get over how blessed we truly are! On Christmas Eve we took our pups for a stroll at my dad's house in the country, played with our niece Sadie, and then went home for napping, cleaning, and getting ready for the next day's festivities! That evening, we went to Kyle's parent's house in the country to spend the evening with Kyle's parents and siblings. We played games and just hung out and it was so so nice. That day I kept it comfy in a pair of leggings, a huuuuuge grey shirt type thing, and my plaid scarf! Ohhh and certainly no makeup. It was cozy and so fun!


Christmas Day was definitely not so leisurely. It was an adventure, that's for sure! We wanted to be able to see all of our family members on Christmas Day, so our Christmas started at 6am. I took the dogs out for a walk, because they would be alone for most of the day, and we left for Kyle's parent's house at 7:30am so his little brother could open his presents right away! We were completely spoiled by all of our family members on Kyle's side and it was just so much fun! I even got my own little stocking :). It was so sweet.







Then we packed up and headed back to the city to my mom's house, where we would open presents with my mom, my siblings, and my Grandma! Me and my siblings always LOVE opening our stockings first thing in the morning, and Kyle and I got to share one this year which was so fun! We've had the same stockings for our whole lives that our mom sewed for us when we were babies, so it's really fun to keep that little tradition even though we're all fully grown adults ;). Then we opened presents and visited for a bit... Until we had to head out to our next location!

Next we went to my dad's house in the country to visit his side of the family, and our step sisters. Again, we opened presents, visited, had a little snack, and watched silly YouTube videos that my brother provided for us... cause he's silly. My dad's side was leaving for a family dinner in the early afternoon, so when they were ready to go, we headed back to Kyle's family's house for a little afternoon board gaming, and more visiting!

Then back to my mom's house in the city we go for a Christmas feast! Some of my extended family was there and we ate and played Cards Against Humanity and it was just too funny. We had so so so much fun, but needless to say we were pretty darn exhausted!

When we got home we fed the doggies some Christmas treats, and they were so snuggly and nice. We went to bed pretty early because I had to work the next day. I slept like a little tiny baby, I swear.

My Christmas outfit was this beautiful ivory quarter length sleeved lace dress with tights and knee high black boots, and I was actually so comfy all day throughout all of our travels!


The day after Christmas we had my extended family dinner for my mom's side, which is always a blast! There's always the yummiest food and my cousins and Kyle started a tradition last year, where they decided they're going to play mini sticks in the basement every year before dinner. Mini sticks is basically miniature hockey, where you have tiny hockey sticks and have to play on your knees... It gets pretty intense and my sister and I love to watch. It's pretty hilarious!

For this dinner I wore a green basic swing dress that I got from my sister for Christmas with my grey booties and of course, my plaid scarf. I am starting to realize I need to invest in some necklaces... My plaid scarf is getting too much attention ;).


It's been an amazing Christmas season, and we feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and families. It has been so amazing to spend this season as husband and wife and we're just so happy! I love this time of year, and am a little bit sad that it's over, but I am looking forward to getting back into our routine!

I hope you all had the most amazing holiday season, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Take good care, lovelies!




Here is a series of pictures showing me getting tripped by my dog's leash while attempting to look cute in my booties for the pictures. Which is my metaphor for my life today. Enjoy. It's hilarious.

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