Our home: pretty little spaces

Our home: pretty little spaces

I have grown to appreciate the little pieces of our house that have grown the beginning pieces of our relationship. Even though I haven't poured my heart and soul into this house, it has provided us with comfort, shelter, and a place to call home.

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DIY Side Tables!

As a new wife, making our house a home has been number 1 on my To Do List! However it's not as easy when you can't blow a grand on nice matching furniture (I wish I could), so I have resorted to my creativity for help. We've been using Walmart TV stands as our bedside tables for a year now and I can't stand them!!! But after spending a bunch of money on a wedding and honeymoon, as well as missing work for those wonderful events, new bedside tables were not a priority, money wise. I really wanted to make our master bedroom a place that we enjoy, so I got to work with what I had.

There had been leftover white paint in our basement since Kyle bought the house, and I used some a few weeks ago for some wedding crafts that I did. I grabbed the half of a can that I had left and just sat and painted the dang TV stands and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! They look super shabby chic now, and I'm just so happy with them.

The before!

After one really light coat! That's it that's all, done!

DSCN0640 DSCN0641

Jack helped sooo much.


Take good care, loves!


A DIY Wedding!

This week has been jam packed with DIYs and prep work for the wedding! Our whole wedding is basically a do it yourself kinda thing because we aren't having it at a traditional venue. Our location that we picked is sentimental and absolutely beautiful: Kyle's childhood home. We had to rent a huge tent, dancefloor, tables, chairs, table cloths. We have to purchase all of our alcohol and mix (theres about 65 2litres of pop in my living room right now...). We have been gardening there for a few months now, and the rest is all up to me and my craftiness to fancy it up! Here are a few pieces we picked up at Michael's yesterday and crafted to add a little bit of country chic to our classy, clean theme. I'll be posting our pictures from the photographer of our décor after the wedding so you can see exactly how it all turned out! We made 2 signs like this because our venue is off a few gravel roads. One will be at the highway where guests will need to turn  off, and this one will be at the intersection of the venue! Just used some old pallets and white wall paint that I had laying around, and boom! A super cute, $0 decoration piece.


Found this wood crate at Michaels. Used the same white paint as we used for the pallet signs and gave it a nice light wash of white. This will be on our guest book table where our guests will place their cards! More details on our guest book to come!

A sample of how we are displaying our seating plan. Each table seats 8, and we will write their names on the doily! The strips will be hung on twine and attached by a clothes pin.

A few of our chalk board signs! The square ones to the right are just black canvases that were less expensive but work perfectly as little chalk boards!

As the night goes on and things run out, our bar tenders can simply erase what has run out!

We wrapped a few large mason jars in this burlap lace from Michaels. The bridesmaids will place their bouquets in here as décor for the head table! The other centerpieces for the guest tables are left plain - you'll see those soon!

Come back tomorrow to see what I got my bridesmaids as gifts!

Take good care lovies!!!