Day Date!

Note the nice set of scrapes and road rash on my leg... turns out pregnancy makes my clumsy self  1000 times more clumsy!!! 

Note the nice set of scrapes and road rash on my leg... turns out pregnancy makes my clumsy self  1000 times more clumsy!!! 

I had the loveliest day today catching up with one of my most favourite ladies! We went for breakfast at Stella's, strolled through the farmer's market for some fresh produce, and played with my sister's foster pup! It was such a beautiful day outside, and there's just something about exploring the farmer's market with an old friend. I loved every minute! And oh my, did I ever eat my heart out at Stella's... We're talkin a waffle, side of hashbrowns AND a side of toast... that I polished clean. I am super impressed with myself. Now I've got a pot of homemade stew brewing with the fresh veggies I got from the market! Everybody there was so sweet and it just makes me feel so happy to be eating locally grown food that helps support the livelihood of families that could very well be my neighbours. Not to mention, it's much more delicious than grocery store produce! 

This outfit has been my go-to for the past week or so! The tank top I'm wearing I mentioned in my last post has been worn an obnoxious amount because my priority is comfort now, and this tank is all comfort! I got these shorts probably about 8 years ago for 4$ at Urban Behaviour! It was such a steal of a deal probably because they were definitely not in style 8 years ago, but I've been wearing them none stop these past few years! I was so happy when I pulled them out for the summer and they still fit my super pregnant self! They're incredibly comfortable, not to mention airy and breezy for the super hot days! My kimono has been worn a whole bunch lately too, I just love the layered look, but it's still super breezy and light! 

I've been just loving these warm summer days spent with my girlfriends lately. I am taking full advantage of all of this me time before the girls get here, and it just is making me remember that me time is just as important as work, housework, having homemade meals ready every night, and all those everyday chores. I'm making such an effort to remember this when guilt takes over that all those things have been taking a backseat lately. Remembering what makes me the most happy in life and making those things my priority has made this time so wonderfully blissful. 

I hope you remember to do something nice for yourself, wonderful people. You deserve to make yourself a priority, it makes life so much more wonderous! 

Take good care, lovelies!