I saw these booties at the mall the other day and decided that my measly student budget did not include the purchase of booties because hey, they're just not essential to my wellbeing. Or so I thought. Because for 3 days after I laid eyes on the beauty that these booties are, they were all I could think about. Yes I am overexagerating but I simply had never felt this way about shoes before!!!!

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6 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall!

6 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall!

Yay! Fall fall fall fall fall is my favourite ever! I'm so excited for this post! I've always struggled with how to wear plaid casually, but while putting together this post I've gotten so excited to wear plaid all season long.

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OOTD & a crazy day!

Life has been so crazy lately, with a sick dog & a wedding coming up real fast. I didn't have much time to post something elaborate today, so here's some snapshots of my super simple errand running outfit! DSCN0360

a bloooooper (scoffing at kyle's photography skills)

DSCN0367 DSCN0368 DSCN0372

These shoes are seriously sooo comfy, and I'm not a heals kinda girl!


White T from Old Navy:

Light wash distressed jeans from Garage:

Coral heals from Le Chateau:

Purse from Target:

I hope you're having the worlds loveliest day!

Take good care!