Wedding Prep: My Bridal Shower!!

Well, I had my first bridal shower on May 4th, 2015. Let me just add, this was the very first bridal shower I had ever even been to! So to say the least, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, because I'm usually the one to be making the plans, but I was left completely in the dark about this one (and rightly so)! I had my fiancé, Kyle drop me off at my mom's house, where the shower was being hosted, and the second I walked through the door I felt so happy and loved. The afternoon began with mimosas (omg yes) and treats that were all pink!!! The house was decorated with pink streamers and balloons, and I even got my own special guest of honour wine glass for my mimosa(s). Then, once all the guests had arrived, we migrated to the living room to play a few games. I highly recommend all of these if you are planning a bridal shower! They were such great ice breakers, especially if some of your guests don't know each other well.

  • Toilet Paper Lingerie: The girls divided themselves into 3 groups of about 4 per group, by drawing names. That way, it wasn't like picking teams in gym class. They had 5 minutes to construct a sexy outfit out of toilet paper modeled by one of their team mates. The guest of honour (me) would judge them at the end and choose a winning team!
  • Don't Say Wedding! The name of the game is pretty much how it works. Your guests are given a token (ours were obnoxious plastic gem stone rings) and if you say "wedding" and someone catches you, you must give them your token. Whoever has the most at the end of the shower wins a prize! You also can make it harder as the shower goes on. For example, we added the words "Sarah" and "Kyle" as words you could not say. That really got the rings flying.
  • Test the bride's memory: this was slightly terrifying for me because it was so hard! Each guest had to write one or two words anonymously that would remind the bride of a memory that would point to the person who wrote it. Then I had to guess! I did get most right... But it was definitely hard! The fun part of that game, though, was that we got to share some really beautiful memories with the group, and laugh and laugh.

Then I opened gifts, we took pictures, chatted, and slowly guests started to dwindle. Kyle came to eat the remainder of the food and pick me up, and it truly was just so special. I can't thank the girls enough for their support, love, and effort in making me feel like the luckiest bride-to-be in the world!!!

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My dress is from Winners!

Take good care lovelies!