Keep Life Simple

unnamed I recently listened to an episode of The Jess Lively Show that talked about the glorification of busy. It really made me realize that most people think busy should be their goal, myself included. It got me thinking about my ideal life, what I really want to see my life grow into. I realized that my goal for the rest of my life is to keep life simple. To raise a family in a slow paced environment, spend the most time possible out in nature, and love the people around me. I want this blog to become an extension of the way I live my life, and to spread the simple life message.

Here, my goal is to make you smile for a second during your day, be it busy or leisurely. For you to take a second and remind yourself that somebody else out there feels the same way that you do. And that your hopes and dreams are valid and that no body can take them away from you. I  hope to make you push a little harder and dream a little bigger. I started a blog because I was constantly looking at other blogs craving that creative outlet. Many people think blogging is superficial. It's not. It's a community of beautifully like minded humans who are pursuing, chasing, and loving. My goal is that you leave here a little bit more lifted than you came. A little bit more free.


I hope you feel happy when you come to my little corner of the internet. If you do, I'd love love love to hear from you! Please comment or go to my contact page to send me a private message. Lets chat!

Take good care, lovelies!