I am the love.

In a time where the world is shaken by headlines of murder, injustice, and despicable violence, I find us all asking, "Where is the love?"

I have found the answer.

It is in us. We are the love. We decide how this world will turn every single waking hour of every single day. The way we think about ourselves, the way we speak to others, the way we vote with every penny that we spend. WE are the love. I am the love. It is in all of us, blocked.

Soon these headlines will fade and people will lose interest in the fight for justice. We will move on to the next trend or fad. We will return to the safety and comfort of our blindfold. Until the next tragedy, where we will be thrust back into darkness, wondering where to go from here.

Normalcy will come back, inevitably. It will always come back. But our normal will not create the change that this world needs to rid ourselves of the horrific darkness that sneaks up on us every single day. Every single time a lost, broken soul takes another.

We are the love. It is cultivated in the deepest corners of our souls, the corners we fear to share with our fellow humans. The corners that could bring a little bit of light, a little bit of love. We need your light. Desperately.

What is your light? Whatever it is, unblock the fear that holds it hostage. Release your fear from your body, where it has been thriving off of your insecurity. Throw it away. It is of no use to you, to any of us. We need your light.

I beg of you. Share your light. Show your love. Be vulnerable. Be strong. Be open. Release what is holding your heart back. Hurt is inevitable, but the love is worth it. It will change this world. I can promise you that. We will change this world, we must only love. Love is enough.

Take good care of yourselves, lovelies.