Forest Frolicking!

Forest Frolicking!

My friend Heather and I used to walk a couple times a week at Birds Hill Park with our pups pre babies. We used to talk about when we would have babies and how amazing it would be to bring them here. Finally, the day came when we could bring the twins and it was the first of many beautiful walks all together.

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Exploring Manitoba

I used to hate the prairies for being boring and seemingly nature-less, so I have taken it upon myself to get outside and do new wonderful things, especially before our harsh winters come! So this morning one of my life long besties, Heather and I, took our pooches for a trek in Bird's Hill Park. The colours were beautiful and it was so fun to watch the doggies have such a good time. The trail we were on took about an hour and a half and it was so lovely! Tonight I'm going to work for a bit, then I'm going to the Bomber game with my sister and another life long bestie of mine, Bre! Also, my wonderful dad lent me his Canon Rebel XT which is a few years old because my crappy little thing has been giving me grief so I've been more snap happy than ever!

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Hope you're having a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend! Take some time to find something new where you live, it will make you smile I just know it :)

Take good care lovelies!