To thrive: to grow or to develop well, vigorously. To flourish. To flourish like a beautiful flower. To live well. To be well.

What a beautiful thought, that in this world, life has the ability to thrive. We have the ability to thrive. Yet, every day, we choose destruction. We choose struggle. We choose to be ignorant, because they say that ignorance is where you find bliss, pure happiness, pure joy.

I cannot be ignorant, no matter how appealing this bliss they promise is. It is why the world is turning like it is. This idea of ignorant bliss is the reason why our world is collapsing around us.

Though the majority choose to remain ignorant, the same majority is still searching for happiness. This seems conflicting to me, because how can one become happy while contributing to a world of hate and sorrow? How can ignorance be bliss, when ignorance is the one thing standing in the way of pure happiness?

Ignorance fuels hate and sorrow, my friends. Happiness and ignorance just simply cannot hold hands. They do not fit together, they push each other away like magnets, refusing to touch, refusing to become one.

How can we be happy, how can we be fulfilled, when on a daily basis, we contribute to slaughter, environment depletion, and the destruction of lives? Human lives, animal lives, the Earth's life.

Happiness starts with every day decisions. Friends, I beg of you. If you are on a search for happiness, please take a look at what you contribute to in your every day decisions. You are making change in the world every single day.

For me, happiness starts and ends with eating only plants. I choose to thrive.

Live and let live.

Namaste, and take good care, lovelies.