Bridesmaids Gifts!

Ah the bridesmaids gifts!! This was such a fun little project for me, but at the same time it was slightly stressful because we were on such a tight budget. I scrolled Pinterest more times than you could possibly imagine and found the sweetest gifts, but they were all so expensive (the personalized robes are so cute but super pricey)! I did get ideas from Pinterest, but I really had to stop stressing to get something picture perfect from there because money was just tight, and I have a rather large wedding party. I slowly started accumulating little pieces here and there and came up with this really cute gift that's practical as well as sentimental. I chose a nail polish colour for each individual girl that I thought suited their personality, got everybody a silly pink straw cup to drink mimosas out of on the day of, and this gorgeous, simplistic necklace from BaubleBar. These gifts will never amount to show how thankful I am for the girls that are going to stand up next to me on my big day, but I think they turned out pretty cute ;)

Necklaces were on sale for about $30.00 each, nail polishes varied from $4.00-$8.00 each, and the cups were $4.00 each. A total of about $40.00 per gift bag, and $280.00 for all 7 bridesmaids.




I hope this helps any budget friendly brides out there!

Take good care lovies!