Annie & Sybelle: 3 Months!

I really just don't know where time is going. This month we celebrated Christmas and all of the fun things that lead up to that special day, we started sleeping 4 hour streches through the night - consistently (hallelujah), and fell more and more in love with eachother ever single day. 

So, bare with me while I blabber on about all the amazing things these little girls do. 

It is so amazing to find Kyle chatting away with our babies. He lights up their sweet little eyes. There is no one that can make them smile quite like he does. We hung out a lot with family this month, and it is just the sweetest season of life to be surrounded by so much love. Not to mention Christmas. Holy moly were we all so spoiled. They have both grown more and more into two little individuals, they are so incredibly beautiful and perfectly unique. I am so proud of both of them. 

We have come to realize the babies really like their little routine - I might do a post on it soon because I have searched the internet high and low to find something that works, especially for twins. They tend to get quite overwhelmed if we spend the whole day travelling, in and out of loud places, and if they don't get many naps in their own crib. 

My most favourite thing this month has been the way they calm down when I hold them. Throughout this holiday season they've been held by many many people, and sometimes they get overwhelmed. The second they're in my arms, though, they're happy little beans. They've really started to wrap their little arms around me when I hold them and it's simply the sweetest feeling. 

They love their changing table, even in a fit of screaming rage, plop them on the change table, take off their pants, and boom - happy baby. It's quite mystical. They're still fitting size 0-3, 3 month, and are growing into some 3-6 month pants. Still size 1 diapers, and we even had to get a special slightly smaller size 1 to fit Sybelle's teeny tiny bum. Annie has the chunkiest cheeks and thighs, I could squish them all day. Sybelle is slowly starting to grow her little rolls, but is still a bit of a string bean. 

We call Sybelle by a million different nicknames: Sibby, Belly, Belsie, Little Belle... The list goes on, every day we find some new way to play with her name. Annie just gets little things tacked on to the end of her name, Annie bean, Annie fanny (she'll hate that one when she's older), Annie girl, sweet Annie (thank you, Zac Brown). 

They still love to play with each other, which warms my heart. These days Sybelle has been trapping Annie's hands to chew on, because why chew on your own when you can chew on your sisters??? I could just go on and on. 

I'll leave it at that for now, I could talk about these babies all day long. I think I'll be posting a post-partum update soon, because when I was pregnant I spent pretty much all day every day researching what birth and recovery might look like. Stay tuned :)

Take good care, lovelies!