23 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #3! + a new vlog

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Good grief, I actually had to check my app to see how far along I am in this pregnancy! It’s no joke when they say pregnancy while also having other kids goes by SO fast! I am 23 weeks, which is over halfway with this sweet little girl in my belly, I can hardly believe it. The weeks and days are flying by and every day I get more and more excited to meet her and hold her little tiny self.

She is moving SO much lately and it brings me so much joy to feel her wiggles. I have been really anxious throughout this pregnancy and I’m not really sure why, but feeling her move brings me so much peace and reassurance.

She is sitting super low, my belly button has popped! Which makes me laugh so much because I was so huge during my pregnancy with the twins, and my belly button never popped that time around. I’m having a hard time bending over and picking things up already, again, because she’s so low. I also feel so out of breath already! Things this time around seem to just be happening so much earlier than with the twins.

I have had so much more energy over the last few weeks which has made life a lot easier, compared to the first trimester. I still often am not feeling well but am definitely feeling like myself again which makes all the difference.

These photos were taken by my wonderful friend Charlotte, who helped me film our gender reveal as well, the photos of the girls make me smile so much. They’re starting to look like such big kids!

Also, I posted a new vlog on our youtube channel, take a look below if you’re interested!

Happy fall!