Winter Blues & Rambles

Blocks:  Primrose & Petal  // Blanket:  Little Love Home




Sigh. Winter affects me so much every single year. This particular year has been an awful start, with a deep freeze for most of December and continuing into January. The girls are too little still to really enjoy playing outside in the snow, they basically just drown in their snow suits, and flail around crying because they can hardly move! 

We've been trying really hard to incorporate fun inside activities, exciting outings, and lots of time with family, which has all really helped the days go by smoother. The girls and I just miss being outside so much. My dream is to one day move to Hawaii, but I've never even been there! We're currently trying to plan a little trip to Hawaii just to escape this never ending winter for a little while, but trip planning is not my strong suit! 

A couple things we've been doing to pass the time here at home on our really cold days are playing with snow inside. This tip was given to my by one of my old friends and it has been so much fun to watch the girls play! I just lay out some towels on the floor, and scoop a bunch of snow into big mixing bowls or cooking pots and give them spoons/utensils. They sit and play in the snow and eat it for so long! 

We've also made a bigger effort to go out of our comfort zone and explore new places. Last week we went to Scout with our friend Eliza and her son Simeon who is the girls' age. It was about 35 minutes away but we had so much fun! The girls just love being around other people and going to new places. The next day we tried Great Big Adventure with my sister and friend Bre, which was also about 35 minutes away. The girls absolutely loved watching all the big kids play, but it was a little bit too advanced for the girls to fully enjoy it. I'm just starting to learn to accept the long drives in order to try new things and be adventurous, and that has really helped.

I also signed the girls up for baby yoga class starting next week! I'm so so so excited, they're going to just love it. I'm most excited to just get them out of the house and watch them interact with other kiddos their age. 

So mommas, a few questions for you! What are your favourite indoor activities for 1.5 year olds?! Winnipeggers, are there some fun places that we could enjoy as a family? I need all the winter tips that I can get! Also travel tips are always so welcomed!!!