Handmade Love

I have a HUGE appreciation for makers, for handmade goods. Possibly because my momma is a wizard with a sewing machine and knitting needles. We grew up wearing handmade clothes, sleeping under beautiful handmade quilts, and snuggling up in hand knit socks, all thanks to our sweet mom. She once made me a blue dress with white daisies all over it and it was my very favourite dress. So when she handed me these beautiful dresses for the girls, I was just overwhelmed with gratefulness for her talent. 

It is one of my greatest pleasures to buy handmade. When you buy something from a maker, a mompreneur, a young artists, you know that the piece you have purchased with your hard earned money has love and passion in every inch. You know that your money is going to someone who is supporting their family, who is making their dreams come true, who is just trying to keep their art and creativity alive. Who wouldn't feel good about that? When you buy handmade, you feel good. You do good. You get to gush every time someone says, "Oh I just love those pants! Where did you get them?" because you get to share love. 

Some of you may know that I added a shop to Growing A Little Love, which has been just so much fun. We sell handmade blankets, however these blankets are not made by me. They are made by women in Mexico, you can learn more here! So until now, I appreciated makers, but I never was one.

That's right - until now. Over the past few weeks my mom and I have been working on a new product to add to the shop that is 100% handmade by yours truly, moi! It has been such an incredible experience to learn these new maker skills from my sweet mom, and I'm so excited about sharing this new product with you all so soon! I have spent so many hours creating, and it has been such a wonderful experience for me. Learning something new, indulging my inner artist. It's been a blessing, and it hasn't even launched. I hope you love it as much as I've loved making it.

Follow the shop on Instagram to see what this mysterious product will be, but for now we'll be shooting, perfecting, and making a whole bunch of 'em to launch at Petal Pop Up on July 22nd! Winnipeggers, I would be so honoured if you would swing by! To find out more info, follow Petal Pop Up on Facebook and Instagram!

Makers: You are SO appreciated, and SO valued. Always know that your time, sacrifice of sleep, and love that you pour into your pieces does not go unnoticed. You are an artist. I am so grateful to be among you. This #communityovercompetition inspires me every day. 

Take good care, lovelies!