Annie & Sybelle: 9 Months

9 months in, and 9 months out. These baby girls have existed for 18 whole months and it just blows my mind! 

Let me just start with their 9 month photo. I thought I was being all productive, getting shit done, getting some decent (ish) photos of them until I looked over the photos the next day only to discover I switched the babies around. Annie is ALWAYS on the left in these photos (her name is on the left of the chalk board) and I for no reason at all, put Sybelle on the left. DUR. Then I thought about retaking these dang photos, which is SO much effort, holy moly, and decided that this was a funny story and this is exactly how life happens sometimes. So behold, their 9 month photos.

Photography: Sugar & Soul Photography // Rompers: The Tin Robin // Shoes: Ulla Viggo // Flower Crowns: Hello Darling Co. // Lavvu: Kate + Norah Co. // Flower Arrangement: The Flower House WPG // Pillow: Plum Perfection // Blanket: Growing A Little Love

This month has been a big month for us! The girls are SO much fun, they love to just sit and play, but they're also starting to really enjoy getting out more and doing new, more adventurous things. This month we got to be part of a HUGE collaboration photoshoot run by Jenni from Kate + Norah Co. with a whole bunch of Winnipeg shops, including Growing A Little Love Shop! The girls got to go to the beach for the very first time, and Sugar and Soul Photography got the CUTEST photos of them exploring sand for the first time! The girls also went to the cabin for the very first time down in Kenora, and they did AMAZING. They are starting to be able to adjust and nap wherever they may be, which is so comforting to know that when we travel, they will adjust. 

This month has been super dreary outside so we've mostly just been hanging out inside learning, playing, and eating a whole bunch. When we get a decent patch of weather we rush outside and take advantage! They are able to stay awake for longer periods of time now which has been so nice, because we can fit in more visiting, more playing, and more activities before they get cranky and tired. They are in size 3 diapers, still fit their 3-6 month sleepers, wear anything from 3-6 size to 12-18 in some brands (although they're swimming in those pieces). Their feet are still TINY, they still fit their newborn socks. Their hair is getting longer, and Annie's is even getting a little bit curly at the ends. Sybelle's hair is getting a little bit darker. 

Annie, you love to clap your hands and are always holding onto your penguin stuffy that daddy won in a claw machine. You LOVE bananas and get angry when mommy doesn't deliver your food fast enough. You still feel everything very deeply and loudly, and I love that about you. You are so sensitive, but so confident. You have 5 teeth, the top ones came in without me even knowing it! You're getting so close to crawling, and you love to bounce when you get up on all fours. You will walk when someone is holding your hands if and only if there is food in front of you. You love supporting your sister. The very first time she got up on all fours you screeched with excitement and clapped your hands. It was possibly my most favourite moment of the last 9 months, seeing you so excited for your sister's success. You love your sleep, love to laugh, and are so happy when you wake up from your naps. 

Belle, you love to dance when silly songs are playing. Your whole body shakes and flails when you get excited, it's the cutest thing in the world. You love your green smoothies and always polish off both yours and your sisters! You have 3 teeth, with a fourth coming in any day now! You don't like to walk, but are getting more sturdy on your feet. You can definitely crawl if you wanted to, but you find it much more convenient to roll. You a quiet and mischievous, when we visited your Gma this month you decided to be sneaky while I was helping your sister. You silently rolled under one of her very old, beautiful chairs, and ripped the bottom mesh of the chair into pieces without. a. peep. You love giggling at your sister, the dogs, and your dad. You are happy go lucky, and only ever sad at bedtime or if I cut off your veggie straw supply. 

These girls grow more and more every day. Their personalities are so incredibly different, and it is so fun to watch them interact and love on each other. What they have is so beyond special. Happy 9 months, my sweeties. 

Take good care, lovelies!