Annie & Sybelle - 8 Months!


8 months!!! It's been a pretty big month for us. We have done lots of travel, lots of learning, and their personalities have started to shine through more and more every day! 

This month we traveled to Kenora, ON with the girls and my momma to visit Gma (my grandma) and do some business stuff for Growing A Little Love Shop which was a lot of fun! We also went to North Dakota to do an annual trip with Kyle's family. They did great on that trip too, which made me so happy! They went swimming in a big pool for the first time in the hotels that we stayed at, and swam for an hour each time! Definitely little fishes, like their mom and dad. 

We celebrated our first mother's day together, Kyle let me sleep in, made me a flower pot with their hand prints on it, and then the girls, me, my mom, and my aunt did a 5k walk for Women's Mental Health. The girls did so well, and I'm excited to make that walk a family mothers day tradition for a really important cause. It was a truly special day and I will remember it forever.

All of a sudden, they seem so big to me. Their hands and feet seem to have grown over night into little kid hands. They are so mobile, not quite crawling yet but getting there. They sit like little champions, eat like little champions, and are just so joyful. At the beginning of the month we struggled with them being very attached, not wanting me to leave their sight EVER. Thankfully that seems to be waning and I am able to go to the washroom solo... for now. 

They're in size 3 diapers and wear anything from 6 month to 12 month clothes. I'm not sure how much they weigh, but are definitely getting chunkier and chunkier. They're still probably in the 10th ish percentile, so they're still quite little, but they're truly thriving. 

Annie: You are a fiery little girl. You feel everything out loud. You want to be held all the time by mama, and if things don't go your way you let us all know! You love talking to the doggies, and the cats have finally started to interest you. You're a go-getter. You want to move and explore and learn all the time. You love trying new, exhilarating things. When you're sad, you let the world know it. When you're happy, you yell so loud, it makes me so happy to know you loving sharing your emotions just like your momma. 

Sybelle: You are independent. You love to sit and play and dance all by yourself with your toys. You love to play with sister, talk to the pets, and play in the car. You don't like trying new things, but once you've tried them a few times you really get excited. You are pure joy. You rarely ever cry, unless you're super tired, and even then it's just a quiet little whine. You are our laid back, joyful, quiet little girl. 

These girls are my heart and soul. This life they have given me over the last 8 months has been a dream come true for me. My sister said the other day that I was made to be a mother, and my heart just ached at that. There is nothing more true. I was made to be a mother, their mother. I am so grateful for you, little girls.

Thanks for reading, lovelies! Take good care!