Forest Dwellers

Baby Leggings: Wildforest Handmade // Teethers: Elephant Shoe Teething Co. // Baby Bear: The InkPAD // Blanket: Growing A Little Love Shop // Watch: JORD // Photography: Meagan Gerylo Photography

We live in the prairies but dream of living in the forest, so any chance we get to frolic deep in the trees, we take! One day we will pick up and move to the forest and play beneath the trees while the squirrels freak out at each other around us. Don't get me wrong, the prairies will always be home, but there's not enough nature here to fulfill me. I dream of waterfalls and trees and lakes and hills. Mountains would be nice, but that's too far for us family lovers to go. So the forest will be just fine, some day. 

These photos were done by the wonderful Meagan Gerylo Photography, of course. I feel so blessed to have so many beautiful photos captured of my babies' sweet smiles, tiny hands, and bright, learning eyes. Everything is new to them, and watching their eyes light up when they place a pinecone in their mouth is what I live for. Learn on, pretty babies, learn on. 

I hope all of you are finding beauty in your every day. I started this blog to capture moments like these, and to remember that these moments are what makes this life so incredibly beautiful. What is beautiful in your life, right now, lovelies? Tell me in the comments! 

Take good care!