This Body is Fierce

This is what happens 99% of the time Kyle takes my photos.

This is what happens 99% of the time Kyle takes my photos.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.
— Brene Brown

It has recently occurred to me that though I know my body has created two tiny human beings and welcomed them into the world, I do not appreciate and accept it in its current form. It is covered tummy to toes in stretch marks big and small. It is bigger in some places and smaller in others. My abs are separated, my hips are bigger, my ribcage has expanded to a whole new level. That booty though, that got smaller! Shocking, I know! 

Recently I discovered Jenna Kutcher, photographer & podcaster extraordinaire, and my whole mindset has been challenged. I spent a long while scrolling her Instagram the other night and was completely inspired to capture, document, and appreciate my beautiful body. Not only has it carried, grown, and given birth to two beautiful babies, it allows me to care for them every day. It allows me to exclusively nurse them, run around like a mad woman all day keeping them out of trouble, and simply live my life. This body is my vessel, and no matter its shape or size, I am grateful and proud.

This body is not perfect, it is not the body that I dream it could be. But I love this body, I appreciate this body, this body is so incredibly fierce. And yours is too.

Take good care, lovelies!