My First Mother's Day

My very first Mother's Day. My first with my babies on the outside. My first having experience of what motherhood means, what it looks like. 

It looks like chaos. It looks like four loads of laundry piled up on your couch. It looks like coffee you forgot in the microwave, AGAIN, because you've heated it up three times now. It looks like the babies waking up for the 5th time that night. It looks like, holy shit, can you die of sleep deprivation, when was the last time I showered, someone, anyone, please bring me food and coffee and sanity, STAT.  

It looks like the babies smiling for the first time. It looks like watching your partner become a parent. It looks like the purest kind of love you've ever seen on this earth. It looks like your greatest accomplishment, your deepest joy, your fullest love.

Motherhood is truly the most incredible experience on this earth. There is nothing quite like all the emotions mothering entails. Becoming a mother makes you appreciate every single sacrifice your own mother made for you. It makes you fear like you've never feared before. It makes your heart ache with love every single day, but not every second of every single day. It is complicated, difficult, and sometimes just so hard to bare. But raising babies is the most rewarding experience I have ever been lucky enough to take part in.

I have struggled, I have fought, I have wanted to give up. But my babies, my sweet, beautiful, perfect little babies, have shown me love in it's purest form. They have taught me more in their 7 months of life than I have learned in my whole lifetime. It feels too special to be real, sometimes. There is nothing better or more precious than the love of our children, and I am so blessed to be the recipient of this love. 

Kyle, to you I am so grateful. Thank you for giving me this beautiful life we live. Thank you for supporting me in this journey of motherhood. You are the reason I am standing. You are the love of my life. This life with you is my dream come true. 

Momma, I love you. I understand, now, just how very much you love me. Thank you for every single second of my life. Thank you for being the best example of selflessness, sacrifice, and unconditional love. I feel confident in my role as Annie and Sybelle's mother because you raised me.

To the mom who is struggling, you are so loved. I am thinking of you, praying for you, and sending you so much love. 

There is nothing in my life that I am more thankful for than my family and my role of Mother. Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers. Keep scrolling to see my journey, the messy chaos that is motherhood. 

Take good care, lovelies!