Annie & Sybelle: 7 Months!

Rompers: Carters // Bows: Little Luba


Rompers: Old Navy // Leggings: Carters // Bows: Little Luba

Bows: Little Luba // Shirts: The InkPAD // Pants: Wildforest Handmade


7 months!!! I can hardly believe it!!! This month has been a BLAST. Seriously. They're becoming more and more fun every single day, and I cannot handle it. They've done so much developmentally this month and we have been so busy doing new and fun things! We've been so busy doing fun things that we haven't taken as many pictures as usual, but follow me on Instagram to see our daily shenanigans! 

This month they got their first little tooth! One bottom tooth each! They had a really hard time cutting it but once it was through they were back to their happy little selves. They also have almost mastered sitting, which they LOVE. They also really love to stand up if you give them a little help, Annie really doesn't want the help but without it she topples right over. She's quite the independent woman that one. They still aren't anywhere near crawling but they roll where they need to go!

We have been going out at least 6 days a week this month, whether that's for play dates or just our for errands or to our families' homes. It's been crazy busy and just the way I like it! We've been having so much fun connecting with other moms and kiddos and the sense of community has made being a mom of twins a lot easier. We've been for lots of walks in nature, thanks to the warm weather, and the girls sat in the dirt and grass for the first time, which was so much fun. I love watching them experience all of these firsts! Sybelle is always a little shy of the first time of anything, but as of the second or third try she starts to warm up to the idea. A good example for that is the swings, she was not happy the first time she sat in the swings, or sat in the grass, but as of the next few times she starting having a little fun! Annie on the other hand loves trying new things and gets so excited to touch and feel and play with new things. Their personalities are coming out like crazy right now and it's so cool to watch. 

Eating has been a HUGE hit with the girls this month, they're up to eating at least 2-3 times a day. I can't eat anything around them anymore because they just want to steal my food, which has made me snack on super healthy things instead of chips and such... so I guess that's a good thing! If you haven't read my post on how we started solid foods with the girls, click here! They'll pretty much eat anything that's put in front of them, but a few favourites are oranges, banana, avocado, steamed broccoli, boiled zucchini, boiled sweet potato, and they've loved having little sips of my green smoothies when I make them too. They tried cantaloupe, strawberries, cauliflower, whatever that green melon is called, and even some of our vegan lasagna the other night! Seriously, trying new things with them is just the most fun. 

They're starting to giggle more and more every day, but only for select beings. Mostly just for dad, he's their favourite guy. But they'll laugh at doggies, each other, and sometimes me (if I've worked my butt off for it). They smile all the time, especially when I walk into sight, and it's my favourite thing in the world. 

We also went on our first road trip with the girls and it was a complete success! We drove the 2ish hour drive to Kenora for Easter to visit family and we made 1 stop on the way there and no stops on the way home! They did so well on the drive and better than I could have ever imagined sleeping in their pack and plays! I am so relieved because this month we're doing a longer road trip down to the US with Kyle's family, so it gave me the confidence that the girls would do well for that too. 

That's all I can think of for now! This month has been full of so much joy and laughter and wonderful moments. Being Annie and Sybelle's mom is the most amazing thing I have ever been blessed with. 

Thanks for reading, take good care lovelies!