Sunday Funday!

Baby Bear t-shirts: The inkPAD // Bonnets: Kate + Norah Co. // Sling: Wildbird

Here are some photos from last weekend when we packed up the family and headed over to my dad's house out in the country to spend time outside. I always get so cooped up over the winter, especially this year having newborn babies, that I've made a point to go for at least one walk a day. A walk in the country is such a special treat for me, and the doggies especially. I used to bring Jack and Tali (our old pup who passed away last May) out to my dad's multiple times a week to give them a good run. I did this all through my pregnancy and have looked forward to bringing the girls out to play in the fresh air for so long. I am so happy the time has finally come! It will just get more and more exciting when the girls can crawl around on the grass and explore all that nature has to offer. It was the most wonderful time spent with family in the fresh air. If I could spend every single day this way, I definitely would! 

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, lovelies! Take good care!