Forest Frolicking!

My friend Heather and I used to walk a couple times a week at Birds Hill Park with our pups pre babies. We used to talk about when we would have babies and how amazing it would be to bring them here. Finally, the day came when we could bring the twins and it was the first of many beautiful walks all together.

The babies lost socks, played in the dirt, ate some, tasted a pinecone, and embraced the sunshine. It was one of my favourite adventures yet!

We were hoping to feed the chickadees but there was not a bird in sight. Probably because of the three crazy doggies and two little kiddos. One day we'll bring the girls when they can feed them themselves - I'm so excited for that. 

I dreamed about these walks when I was pregnant and it's just so special now that it's finally here. The girls were soo good, and were absolutely exhausted after all that fresh air! They lasted a whole 2 hours and 7 kilometres and I am so happy they did so well because that just means many more walks exploring the great outdoors! 

Showing the girls my favourite places never gets old. This weekend we're headed to Kenora for the first time, and it will be another first time in one of my favourite places with the girls. This season of life is just so sweet.

Take good care lovelies!