Baby Led Weaning and No Baby Cereal!

We have had a few questions lately regarding how we started our twin girls on solids, and I thought it would be fun to start the conversation over here! There isn't too much info out there on Baby Led Weaning (BLW) so I thought I would share our experience so far, and why we chose this route to start our girls on solids. We also decided against feeding the girls baby cereal! Read on to find out why! *As always, consult your paediatrician before starting solids and discuss what is best for your baby! This is just our personal experience.*

Baby Led Weaning (BLW)

Baby Led Weaning is essentially just letting baby feed themselves from day one and skipping the baby mush. Some families start with whatever the family is eating, but we decided to start with fresh, organic, soft fruits and veggies. With BLW, baby learns and explores the wonderful world of eating all on their own, with supervision of course! 

BLW teaches so many things to baby, and is also a whole heck of a lot easier for momma. The thought of making my own baby food and cleaning up after that mess makes my heart race. I simply do not have time to do all that as a mom of twins. I thought about just buying cans of baby food, but would so much rather feed my babies something fresh from my kitchen and not produce all that waste and garbage from baby food packaging. I have found so many benefits to using BLW as our method of starting solids and I will definitely be doing the same with our future babies! Here are some reasons why we chose BLW:

  •  Baby is the only person who can know she is full. It is so important to teach baby to stop eating when they are full in order to preserve a healthy relationship with food. When we spoon feed our babies it is hard to tell when they are full, even if you do look for the signs, letting baby have healthy control over her food is so important. 
  • It's easy. We started with banana, then avocado! Simply peel and place on tray! It's that easy. Yes, it can get pretty messy, but to me it's just so much fun (and that's what doggies are for!)
  • Baby can eat at her own pace. Like I said, creating a positive relationship with the act of eating is so important and not being rushed plays a huge roll in this. 
  • Baby gets to explore textures, foods and simple flavours as they are, from the start. This will encourage them to eat these healthy foods as they grow and be more open to eating true solid foods when they're ready. 

Just before 6 months old we decided to offer some banana. Both girls were grabbing at our food all the time so we thought, let's just offer and see what happens! They both loved it and it was so funny to watch. Then we waited a week to introduce the next food to make sure neither of them had any allergies to the banana. Then we offered avocado followed by sweet potato, which so far has been their favourite. 

We have also made the decision to skip baby cereal, for a few reasons. Again, these are simply my opinions, always speak to your paediatrician and make your own decisions from there. 

  • I can't imagine a more natural first food than perfectly ripe organic fruits and vegetables fresh from the earth. Babies do not need carbs saturated with sugar at this age (or any age, in my opinion). This manmade baby food simply cannot out do natural food that is rich with vitamins and minerals. 
  • Processed sugar and grains are hard on the gut to process for full grown humans, let alone for babies! Damage done to the gut by introducing these processed ingredients prematurely can increase the risk of gut inflammation and disease. 
  • Another fun fact is that in order to break up and digest grains, the body needs an enzyme called amylase. The body doesn't make this enzyme until over a year at least! This can cause constipation in baby and do more damage to the digestive system than it's worth. 

I plan on raising my babes on whole plant foods and this was just the best, most natural way for us to introduce these delicious foods! It's been such a fun process and I can't wait to keep giving them new things to try. 

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you think of BLW! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Take good care, lovelies!