Annie & Sybelle: 6 months!


These beautiful babies of mine have been earth-side for a half a year. Half a year I've been a mother, a mother of twins. 6 whole months of learning and growing, for all of us. A truly life changing half year. 

This month has been a whole dang lot of fun. We've learned so much together and they are able to play and move so much now! They are really able to play with toys and observe and learn with them, and not just stare at them all starry eyed. We've been going through a bit of a fussy time, but it's just because they are growing and learning so much right now. 

I don't even know where to begin! We had lots of fun with family this month. We celebrated Nana's (my mom) birthday, which was the day one year ago that we told her we were pregnant (but we didn't know there were two!!!), Gma (my grandma) came to town and stayed for a while which was so wonderful, and we hung out with Grandma & Grandpa (Kyle's parents), and Papa and other Nana (my dad and step mom). We also hung out with some fun friends, and the girls met their new friend Adaly. That was their first play date with a really little baby and it was just a whole bunch of cuteness. I also had my first big night out on the town this month! My mom, my Aunt Tammy, and my mom's friend Tannis babysat (sometimes twins take 3 baby sitters ok?!) and Kyle and I hit the town with my sister and her boyfriend Josh for my best friend's wedding social, which was amazing. It was my first beverage in over a year and a half and it was a blast. But holy moly it took me like 3 days to recover lol! 

They figured out how to nap while out at Nana's or Grandma and Grandpa's, which will be so helpful in the future. That being said, sleep and napping has been kind of rough this month. Night time sleep much better than previous months, but napping has been much worse. I still can't crack the 30 minute naps which has been making them pretty cranky during the day. Just another challenge to tackle!

The biggest most exciting activity this month is they tried food!! First, Sybelle had a little taste of Nana's apple core and wouldn't stop sucking on it, which just got us all very excited about trying fun fruits and veggies. We tried banana first, which was much more fun to mash and play with than to actually eat. Banana a couple more times, then avocado, which was also fun to play with. Annie wasn't a huge fan of Avocado but Sybelle seemed to enjoy it! Today we got to try some boiled sweet potato and it was officially a hit! They loved it so much. They hardly eat a thing, but it's a lot of fun to play and work on getting the food from the tray into their mouths. I'm loving this new part of our day! 

Annie has become a Grabby Gerta, as I'm sure you can tell in the photos. She's always reaching for whatever Sybelle has, whether that's a toy or a bow on her head. If you're carrying her, she's reaching for your phone or your drink or your food. She is so curious and really really wants to be on the move! As soon as you lay her down on her back she flips right over to her front and shakes her whole body, trying to crawl. It's the funniest thing watching her little arms and legs flail, but she doesn't think it's very funny. She would do anything to be able to be on the move! She's working on sitting and is pretty close but we have to get some neck issues worked out before sitting will be fully mastered (I'll do a full post on that adventure we've been having later). 

Sybelle has a love for specific toys, which is really fun to watch. She loves her pink elephant toy that Grandpa got her when she was born, and a yellow giraffe toy that our friend Jen got her for Christmas! She could play with those two toys forever and be the happiest little lady. She can definitely roll all different directions but prefers to just hang out on her back. She still likes her Bumbo seat, and is super close to sitting! She'll definitely master that soon. She is so patient when her sister is crawling all over her trying to steal her things. 

The weather has been so nice this month so we've been out in the stroller a lot, which they both absolutely adore. I'll be walking and hear tiny little cooing noises back and forth from inside the stroller, it's my most favourite thing. I'm counting down the days until it's warm enough to spend hours and hours outside. 

It's getting harder and harder to take our monthly pictures with these ladies. Not only are they too big for the blanket we used to use, but they won't sit still!!!! So I'll just take what I can get ;)

They're wearing pretty much 6 month everything, and fit some of their 6-9 and 9 month things! We have some super cute 9 month summer clothes I can't wait to put them in! They're in size 2 diapers but once we're out of size 2s we'll probably just move them up to size 3s! I found a newborn diaper the other day and turned into a puddle on the floor. I can't believe they were ever that tiny?! 

That's all my sleep deprived brain can muster up for now, I have lots that I want to write about soon. I hope you all are well, thank you so much for reading!

Take good care, lovelies!