A Letter to Mothers

sling:  wildbird

sling: wildbird

No matter how you became one, all mothers are the same. We are the same, but also so extraordinarily different. We conquer the day with grace, sometimes the opposite of grace but still, we conquer every single day. You survive your own doubts and the doubts of everyone else. You fight, you teach, you raise. 

Every day you emit endless patience and endure overwhelming frustration. Your job never ends, even as your sweet babes slip off to sleep. Your mind never strays from the wellbeing of your family. You are selfless, even when you need to escape. Your emotional strength is a force to be reckoned with, and that is something to be proud of. You are something to be proud of. 

Please remember, your wellbeing is so incredibly important. Take care of yourself so that you will be there to take care of your babies. So that you will be present. So that your mind is clear and healthy and happy. So that you are you. That is all your babies need, that is all they could ever want. Just you, in your truest, most healthy form. 

Mothers, whoever and wherever you are, please know this: you are strong though you feel weak, you are inspiring though you feel ignored, and you are incredible though you feel ordinary. Raise your babies with confidence because you are doing your best, and that is the best. 

Take good care, lovelies!