Life Lately 10.12.17


Life lately has been so busy and so wonderful and so crazy all at once. The girls are growing SO much every single day, and learning so many new things it blows my mind. They are SO busy. I've also been working really hard over on Little Love Home, and just finished our last market of the season! 

The girls are pretty much running wild now and the winter weather has made it hard to keep them entertained all day, but we're slowly learning new tricks and activities to make the days go by a little bit easier. And I signed them up for baby yoga starting in January!!! To say I'm excited is a HUGE understatement, their first extra curricular activity! It's so cute. They both have a bunch of new teeth so that has been a bit of a bummer over the last few weeks but so it goes. I can't wait for the teething stage to be over but I want them to be this little forever! 

New over at the shop is a couple new products, new designs, and custom projects, which has been so much fun for me. I love being able to work on something creative that also helps our family goals and dreams. It is the perfect combination of stay at home mom and work from home mom and I'm really grateful to be growing this business for our family. If you haven't checked out our products click here

That's about all that's on my brain right now, but I've been thinking of doing some random 10 things posts just to remember some fun little memories of daily life. I got the idea from Amber Fillerup-Clark and I think it's such a fun idea! 

I hope you are all well, friends! Take care!