Tandem Baby Wearing - why we love it so much!

Ring slings:  Wildbird

Ring slings: Wildbird

Baby wearing is all the rage right now, and ring slinging is my absolute favourite way to be part of this craze! But it's so much more than that. It's convenience, it's closeness, it's time when I am not being pulled in a million different directions, chasing after two 1 year olds. How amazing is that?!

It took me a really long time to master the tandem thing. When they were really tiny, and I was desperate to not be dependent on another set of hands, I tried tandem ring slinging. It was really hard at first, because they were so small and couldn't hold their heads up at all. I kind of gave up on it at that point, maybe slinging them individually here and there. 

As they got bigger, I noticed that I was getting better at getting them in and out, and they were enjoying it more because they could really hold themselves up. I would sling them more and more on errands and such, and then I felt comfortable enough to try tandem wearing again, and man, it really has changed my life. 

Wearing them together honestly evens out my balance more than wearing one, though you can't use your arms as much as you wish, it's more comfortable on my back to have them both strapped on. But the most special thing about this whole thing is the ability to snuggle them both and have all three of us be happy and content for however long we need. As a twin mom, I feel a lot of mom guilt around my time spent with each of them, how much I snuggle one versus the other, and tandem baby wearing has eased that anxiety so much. I love this time spent together. 

And it's a hella good workout. 

Hope you're having a wonderful day!