Raising Kind Babies


In a world that is struck with pain and suffering every single day, near or far, we must do what we can to bring light so bright it shuts out the dark. Whatever that means for you, do it.

For me it means raising kind, thoughtful, open, empathetic, thoughtful babies. It means teaching my kids not to fear different, but to embrace that different is what makes this world so incredibly beautiful. It means teaching them that violence and suffering for personal gain is never ever the answer, and only breeds more suffering. It means teaching them to be aware of their own mental wellbeing and that of others, so that we can be available to offer help and support whenever and wherever we can, before it's too late. 

My heart is so heavy today with what has happened in Las Vegas, it only reminds me that there is terror in so many other places every single day too. I feel so incredibly grateful to live where I do, but it scares me that terrible things happen everywhere. My only hope in writing this is to encourage others to do their part. You are not too small to make a difference. You make a difference just by being you. 

Sending love and peace to the world.