Our Twin's Baby Shower!

My family threw us the most incredible baby shower for our little girls last weekend and it. was. amazing. I feel so overwhelmed with all of the generosity and excitement our family and friends have showered us with during this pregnancy, and we honestly would not be able to bring these girls into the world without each and every single family member and friend. It truly takes a village and we are just so grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding our growing family.

The babes were showered with gifts and beautiful handmade goods while the guests and I ate good food, played silly games, and just enjoyed visiting with the most wonderful group of ladies. We ended up receiving absolutely everything we could possibly need to be prepared for the girls' arrival! Diaper genies, diapers, a beautiful glider rocking chair, baby monitors, and so many freaking adorable outfits, just to name a few! I am having such a hard time picking their coming home outfits because we just got so many sweet little baby things I just cannot even handle it! I can't stop going through their dresser just staring at the little diaper shirts, onesies, and gosh some of the summer outfits we got for next summer could make me pass out with an overload of cuteness!

We're pretty much all set to go, and just in time for trimester number three! We had our Fetal Assessment ultrasound on Thursday and it was so much fun to spend an hour just looking at their sweet little selves! Baby A weighs in at about 2lbs 8oz, and Baby B weighs about 2lbs 5oz! Right on target! There is nothing like seeing your babies to give you reassurance that everything is going okay in there. We're now booking doctor appointments every 2 weeks, and my next ultrasound is booked for 4 weeks from now! Time is flying, and I just want to remember every sweet moment of carrying these girls. I feel so lucky.

Can't wait to meet these little baby girls! I hope you're all doing well, lovelies!

Take good care!