Summer Pregnancy Must Haves!

I am SO thankful to be pregnant during the summer months, because Lord knows I wouldn't be able to bend over to pull on my winter boots, but dang sometimes it's tough lugging around this big belly in the summer heat! Here are a few things that have made life a little bit easier for me over the past few months! 

Firstly, and most importantly, Welch's freezies. I die for these, you guys. It's actually kind of pathetic. In fact, Kyle is out picking up two more bags of these bad boys for me because heat + this twin belly + my sudden sweet tooth = I NEED AT LEAST 2 A DAY!!!! But I don't feel as guilty as if I were to eat actual sugar filled freezies, you know?! These taste sooooo good, especially the cherry flavour. They're life savers in this heat, that's for sure! 

Birkenstocks. I wear these bad boys as long as I can every single year before it gets too cold and snowy to put them away for the winter, but I have a brand new appreciation for them during pregnancy! The support from these sandals is absolutely incredible, and they are perfect for when my feet start to swell throughout the day at work. I haven't needed to loosen them due to swelling yet, but I know I'll be glad I have the option when the swelling gets too much! Birkenstocks even have a whole vegan section of their website, so you can enjoy your Birks guilt-free! 

Coconut oil everywhere, all the time. Sometimes I even put it in the fridge to cool it off a little before I slather it all over my belly, legs, arms, feet, everywhere. This stuff is seriously a godsend for my itchy skin, especially before and after I've been in the sun! 

I'm getting to the point where clothes need to not touch my body, so these dresses that are fitted at the top, but leave your belly with lots of room to breathe are my go to! I still really try to look cute and put together as much as I possibly can, it definitely helps me feel a bit better about myself during these months, so having a fitted top is something I really like to look for. I've had the best luck with cute dresses like these at Motherhood Maternity! They have some incredible sales on right now, too! 

I've been wearing these pants to work almost every single day for the past week! They're so incredibly flattering and are incredibly comfortable! I've had some problems with my maternity pants stretching right out after an hour or so of wearing them, which always bothers me, but these particular pants have been incredible at holding their shape! Not to mention the adorable army green colour. I absolutely love these, also from Motherhood Maternity

Last but definitely not least are these tank tops. My wonderful friend Kristen (go check out her incredible blog!) recommended these to me when I was just a few weeks pregnant, and I knew I had to get my hands on them! I was hesitant at first because they're $30.00 a piece, but they are SO worth it. Seriously. I bought two when they were on sale at Motherhood and I actually live in them. And Kristen is still able to wear hers post pregnancy, so how could you even go wrong?! 

And here's me trying desperately to beat the heat with my big ol' 25 week belly! I'm 26 weeks today, the very end of my blissful second trimester, and I can definitely feel it! So you can find me in bed with a hand full of freezies all slathered in coconut oil this long weekend! 

I hope you all have an incredible weekend, you deserve it! And let me know in the comments if you have any tricks and tips for making it through summer pregnancies!!! I can use all the help I can get ;) 

Take good care, lovelies!