25 weeks & a sunny pool day!


I can't believe that in only a few short months I'll have two little babies here in my arms! These last few weeks have been flying by so fast... I love having this bump of mine, but holy moly is it growing so fast! My OB said at 25 weeks I'm measuring about 29-30 weeks with a singleton pregnancy! I definitely feel like I'm in the third trimester already, the aches and pains have definitely arrived but I'm still so thankful that I am feeling the way that I do. I wouldn't go back to my first trimester sickness for a million bucks! 

I've been eating Subway pretty much every single day of my life, loaded with spinach and green veggies, seems to be the only thing the girls can gobble down. I'm still not a huge fan of popcorn which still surprises me because I lived off that stuff before I got pregnant! The heartburn has been real over the past few weeks, mostly in the evening times - I hear that means babies will have a full head of hair - we shall see! 

These nuggets move and groove all day long, especially when I'm lying on my back reclined. It's my absolute favourite thing! Just the other day I felt an actual punch for the first time! It's just been little wiggles, moving around and such, but I finally felt a little hand or foot really kick my hand, and it was so surreal. I just can't wait to hold those little hands!!! 

The nursery is almost done, just waiting on my glider and crib mattresses and then we're all set! All of their cute tiny little clothes (which consists completely of diaper shirts and sleepers) are washed and put away in their little white dresser, cribs and changing table are built and good to go, and I'll be getting the bassinet any day now! I feel really ready for these babes, and after our shower we will be ready for sure! 

Today I spent the morning lounging poolside with one of my favourite people on the Earth. It was absolutely incredible to float in the pool, it took so much pressure off of my back and even my ribs! What I would do to lounge in a pool forever... but back to work tomorrow! I'm so happy that I'm pregnant through the summer months, I absolutely love the heat, and I honestly can't imagine dressing this bump in pants and sweaters every day. Give me all the bikinis, flowy shorts, and dresses!!! 

That's it for my little update, I think! I am feeling so lucky and grateful for these little baby girls growing nice and strong inside my tummy. Though some days I have endless doubts in my ability to be a wife and mother of twins, the joy I feel is so much bigger. I'm so happy!

Take good care, lovelies!