Two little babies wiggling around inside of my belly. Two little girl babies inside of my belly! 

I knew there were two all along, I think. I asked our technician, "Could you just check to see if there's two...?" She responded doubtingly, "Sure! You think there's two?... Oh... You have a good intuition, momma!" That didn’t change the feeling and shock of hearing it said out loud, but I knew all along. 

I am overwhelmed. There is so much joy, gratitude, and love pumping through me at the thought that I got lucky enough to become a mom of two little built in best friends. I think my heart might burst into a million pieces at the thought of not one, but two little peanuts that are going to make my wonderful husband a father for the first time. Two little peanuts are going to fill my life in just a few short months. 

Today was the most incredible day. Today was our gender reveal and our announcement to friends and family that there is not one, but two little humans growing in my tummy! Our gender reveal was all put together by our best friend Heather, and it was perfect and incredible and beautiful in every single way. After unveiling one box of pink balloons, we shocked our loved ones with a second one, once again full of pink balloons! The laughter, shock, and love was just so incredible. We barbecued, sat in the sunshine, and talked about how our world would change just one season from now. 

Today was incredible. Today was the most beautiful reminder that life is terrifying, blissful, and full of incredible blessings. Having twins is so scary to me, yet so unbelievably sweet. I know Kyle and I were made for this. Today was incredible. 

Take good care, lovelies!