Fort Whyte Alive

This week my lovely friends Heather, Steph, and I went for breakfast at the most wonderful place called Pine Ridge Hollow. They have a restaurant and a store jam packed full of the most beautiful furniture, homeware, baby things, jewelry... just everything. They also have a teeny tiny teacup pig named Fern, and some goats, and a donkey, and it's just heaven on earth, basically.

We got mimosas and then headed on to Fort Whyte Alive! None of us had been before, and we discovered that it is such a gem of a place! It's a little nature park right on the edge of Winnipeg. They have a few little lakes, tons of wildlife, and buffalo! It was such a beautiful day - we finally are getting some nice weather here - and it was so much fun just walking around and enjoying the sunshine! 

I'm so happy the weather has warmed up! This was my first outdoor adventure of the season, and I'm just beyond excited to fill my summer with days like this one - full of sunshine and wonderful friends.

I hope you are enjoying spring time, lovelies! Take good care!