Life Lately 27.04.16

Life Lately 23.04.16


Celebratory engagement mimosas!

Celebratory engagement mimosas!

Little bump making an appearance!

Little bump making an appearance!


Life has been chock full of huge life changes for me and my little family, which has been extremely exciting and outrageously stressful. Let us hop in.

In February, shortly after starting my new job, my car got crashed into. I was parked on the street at work and came out after my shift to my brand new vehicle (we had purchased it almost exactly a year prior) smashed, crooked on the street. 

This left us in a bit of a bind, because Kyle and I really need two vehicles in order for us to both get to and from work, and we were left in limbo with what was going on with my car. It took almost a full month for the insurance company to decide if it was worth fixing, or if they were going to write it off. We ended up having to borrow my dad’s car for a few weeks, then Kyle’s brother’s old car, then finally we got the news that our car was going to be written off, and we would have to buy a new one. 

This ended up costing us a ton of money and put a huge damper on our plans to move… but it is what it is, and it was also around the time we found out we were pregnant, so low and behold we purchased a cool ass mom mobile! I’m not going to lie, it’s the coolest mom mobile ever, and I can’t wait until I can load it up with a little kiddo and our pups and take on exciting adventures! 

Onwards. I decided a little while after that that this new job I had been working at was not going to work out. There are a few reasons why, but I won’t go into detail. I have never quit a job before, and I was incredibly nervous because I had only been working there for a few months, and felt super bad about all of the training that they had put into me. I struggled with it a lot, and it made me really stressed for a while. I almost decided to stay just because I felt really bad about quitting… eventually I just had to come to terms with the guilt I was feeling, because ultimately, leaving that job would be the best for me and my situation. 

My last day was this past Monday and I must say I’m pretty excited to have a little bit more time off just in time for summer adventures! Monday night my sister Meghan and I went to Winnipeg Paint Nite, which is like a paint class only sillier and more fun for the not as artistically gifted such as myself! It was so much fun to paint and laugh and just have a fun date with my sister! On Tuesday I had exciting plans to declutter and clean my house with the help of my step sister Jenn! No, I'm not being sarcastic, I was so pumped and it felt SO good! Also on Tuesday we went back to a house that we had previously looked at in January, that we loved, but thought had sold. Turns out the condition on the sale fell through and it’s back on the market… I can’t talk about it too much without getting waaaaay ahead of myself and much too excited, so I will leave that there for now… Or I’ll get carried away and call it my dream home and be super disappointed again if it doesn’t work out!!! 

I spent the day today having breakfast at Pine Ridge Hollow with two of my friends, Heather and Steph, and then we went on an adventure to Fort Whyte Alive! None of us had ever been there, and it was the loveliest thing! It's like a quiet little nature park tucked away right inside the city! It was just such an incredible day spent with the loveliest humans! 

I’ve also been working on a secret project that will hopefully be launching soon… so stay tuned for that but I’m just SO excited about it, it’s something I’ve dreamed about doing for a long time and I finally took the steps to get the ball rolling. You will know more soon! But there are a few sneaky peaky pictures up above if you're curious...

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened lately is that my best friend got engaged to her soulmate and I just could explode with how excited I am for her! I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids and I just am so honored and excited to be a part of something she has dreamed about for soo long! Let the planning begin!!! 

Last but certainly not least, my growing bump! I can’t believe how fast time is flying, but I am 16 weeks pregnant! My bump is definitely there, and baby is the size of a dill pickle???? I don’t know that’s just what my app says. But 4-5 inches! SO crazy! We find out the gender THIS SUNDAY!! I can’t believe it. My friend Heather is going to come with us to our ultrasound tomorrow to get the results, and then we will find out with our family and friends on May 1st! I’m so excited to see the little babe for the first time and find out if I should start buying little boy or little girl things!!! I can’t wait!

That's about it for now, but keep your eyeballs pealed for more coming soon! I hope you lovely humans are doing well, and that you are making time for what really makes your soul happy. 

Take good care, lovelies!