Life has been a bit of a learning curve lately, which always breeds great opportunity for learning, for growth. Life is changing, in ways that I could never have ever imagined. In the most wonderful of ways. No matter the change, I never deal well with it. 

Growing a baby is the most incredible experience. It is the most wonderful gift, the most exciting time of my life. It is the most important and miraculous moment of my life thus far. And it is hard work. 

I have been incredibly sick, these first four months, and I have been even more hard on myself. I am ashamed that I cannot care for my husband and my puppies the way I once could. I am embarrassed of the mess that is my home. I am sad that attempting to cook for my family sends me running for the bathroom. 

But I am learning. I am learning that there is no greater challenge, no greater responsibility than to bring a new little precious human into this gracious world. I am the most blessed person on this earth, it feels like. And that is what I must remember. 

I must remember that taking care of myself includes accepting that my life has changed. I must accept that what I can do right now is more than enough. I must do my best, and always remember that I am enough. Most importantly, I must learn to take care of my priorities, my values.

I am learning, and I am blessed. Unthinkably blessed. 

Take good care, lovelies!